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Announced Events / Re: On the Dragon's Tail [Sat 4th July, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET]
« Last post by Alexb83 on June 29, 2020, 05:57:25 PM »
Eryka Andartam would like to attend please, (sorc 2, pala 3, rdd 3)
Announced Events / On the Dragon's Tail [Sat 4th July, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET]
« Last post by Druie on June 29, 2020, 05:44:25 PM »
Adventurers have followed the leads provided by the Thayans and come up with a few valuable clues. Perhaps the best of these is the location of a Cult of the Dragon safe-house somewhere in the Yevenwood. With a hand-drawn map from their informer, a party gathers to sally forth and see if the Cult still have agents there to find - and what other clues they may have hidden in a forgotten Ghost Hold.

Who: Up to 6 PCs for my sanity. Please register your interest by posting below with which character you would like to bring, their class(es), and level(s).

Where: Meeting place TBD.

When: Saturday 4th July, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET

Note that these are public events open to any character who would like to help thwart the current machinations of the Cult of the Dragon. Please speak to us if you'd like help hooking your character in, and we expect those involved thusfar to help us include anyone who wants to participate.

1. Eryka
2. Baranya
3. Dylaan
4. Lerin
5. Marshall
6. Elaran

1. Lahire
2. Eryn
Chronicles / Three Dales News
« Last post by Druie on June 28, 2020, 09:29:35 PM »
Rumour comes from Hap that a corrupt Lathanderite priest has been discovered and dealt with. Cathalandra Dovaer, who heads the temple there, gave recent sermons on how dark forces can sway even the brightest of hearts and that the Light of Lathander within us all must continue to be cultivated with good deeds to fellow man - hence the corrupt priest's wife and child (both innocent victims of the man) have been taken into the church who will continue to care for them. Visitors to Hap notice that local lads and Lathanderite acolytes are much more observant of strangers than they perhaps once were, and seem to be prepared for trouble - though the mood of the town remains a little saddened by these revelations they have all come together under Cathalandra's leadership.

In Mistledale, Ilyana Kyneburg of Mistlebrook has announced that she will not be seeking another term as a member of the Mistran Council of Six and will instead be focusing her efforts on increasing the profile of Mistlebrook and nearby Mistletarn. To this end, she has been seen visiting the tower of Heliott of Mistletarn often in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, news from Blackfeather Bridge tells of a group of thugs hanging around breaking into buildings. These same thugs may be responsible for a recent murder and burning of bodies - believed to be some kind of statement - at a Wright's Ferry farm some weeks before. Concerned locals employed a group of adventurers to drive the band out of town, but they put out a warning to the various other villages and farmsteads of Featherdale to be on the lookout for troublemakers.
Dylaan will be in attendence.
Chronicles / Re: A Contract Signed in Red
« Last post by Shug on June 24, 2020, 02:14:26 PM »
Alas. Work is back on full time. Can't make meeting. However, Ghara sang this:

The Temple of Leira, Lady of the Mists
Traders in mystery, now abandoned and missed.

Those who venture in, will all espouse,
Evil lies awake, in Mistfall House.

So it happened to be, By the Red Wizards of Thay,
A quest to seek a treasure, and to keep Dragons at bay.

For dragon bones stolen, Lord d'Edoras seeks to know why,
The Thayans seek the answer, in the Coffer of Janshai.

It is a box of the unknown, as things placed within
Have a habit of becoming, unknown in origin.

Bold Heroes went forth, to seek out this Coffer.
Deep in Mistfall House, to see what could proffer.

The Heroes emerged, through fire and flames.
The coffer thus released, a trio of names.

Thayans eyes spy, and lurk in the shadows.
What names will this bring? And who do they oppose?

The answer lay soon, about the land
As warriors,mages,priests, soon gave hand.

The Tale will grow richer, as days pass on by.
And soon we will know the riddle, to the ultimate prize.
Announced Events / Re: A Meeting with the Constal [Sat June 27 @ 6pm UTC/2pm ET]
« Last post by Shug on June 24, 2020, 02:06:58 PM »
I am now unsure if I can participate in this adventure, as Work has called me back. (lock down over). I will know more about my schedule  later in week. Thanks! (Farnsworth Nettlebottom).
((Ugh. got my dates mixed up. Little bro's birthday this day, Lerin can't be there. He'll have to be caught up after the fact again.))
Announced Events / Keepers of A Hoard of Secrets [Sun 28th June, 6pm UTC/2pm ET]
« Last post by Druie on June 23, 2020, 05:01:58 PM »
It's been a whirlwind few days of quiet plotting, furtive travel, and secret missions - but all three names on the Thayans' list have been dealt with and adventurers now need to get together and look at the big picture.

What have they learned, and what will they do next to foil the Cult of the Dragon, rescue the bard Morressyn, and reunite Lord Johann d'Edoras with his beloved trophy?

This will be an event for planning the next moves against the Cult based on what PCs have done and discovered up to this point.

We encourage you to spend this week talking to other PCs about what's going on, sharing progress so far, and thinking about your next steps.

Who: Anyone who wishes to be involved

Where: The Halfaxe Trail Ranger Station

When: Sunday 28th June, 6pm UTC/2pm ET
Chronicles / Re: A Contract Signed in Red
« Last post by Alexb83 on June 23, 2020, 11:46:44 AM »
Another meeting is set to discuss the fate of the three Cultists

((Wednesday 24th June 2020 @ 1800 UTC - Halfaxe Ranger Station))
Wasn't sure if i could make it, but my schedule opened up. Dylaan will be attending tonight to see to this "Miller's Son"
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