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This is going ahead THIS WEEKEND!

Just to note that we will be around roleplaying at the festival site before the stated start time, so if you're around, feel free to pop over and get yourself situated and beer'd up. We will begin the official eventing around the start time above.
Announced Events / Highharvestide Festival [Open Event] [Sat 19th Sept, 7pm UTC / 3pm ET]
« Last post by Druie on September 07, 2020, 08:04:20 PM »
As the heat of summer begins to fade, preparations are underway in Battledale for the annual Highharvestide celebrations to be held in a fortnight at the traditional festival ground of Aencar's Keep.

There is a jovial mood in the land; the summer has been good to the folk of Battledale. Wagons roll in and out of Old Town, between the workshops of the craftsfolk - carpenters, ropemakers, and suchlike - as the folk make their preparations not just for the festival but for the incoming harvest of food from the fields.

With contests and such a staple of Battledarran festivities, rumour has it that Heliott of Mistledale will return to try and win back his pie-eating crown.

What: Let's get together and have a party with some fun games and activities! Lord Jarath Burlisk will also be receiving petitioners.

Where: The festival is held in the grounds of Aencar's Keep, south of Essembra. Turn east off Ruathavyr's Road at the Ghost Holds.

Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome - new and old players. Feel free to bring existing characters or roll up a novelty character for the occasion.

When: Saturday September 19th. The festival ground will be open for RP throughout the day, but we will be holding contests from around 7pm UTC / 3pm ET.

If you would like to participate in the festival as anything other than a visitor, please hit me up beforehand so I can help you get set up with such things like tents, stalls, seating, and signage etc.. In the past, PCs have used festivals as an opportunity to sell foraged goods and potions, do some kooky fortune-telling, perform sleight of hand tricks and acrobatics, and sing specially composed songs with dancing. We welcome all such things and will help facilitate :)
Server Information / Module Credits
« Last post by ides on August 22, 2020, 06:22:53 PM »
If anyone is missing from this list, please notify Eredruie or ides.

Cormanthor Build Team (Past & Present)


Community Custom Content Credits:

senemenelas (trinity tilesets)
Ragnarok (animations)
Tom Banjo (animations)
Lord of Worms (tilesets, models)
Zwerkules (tilesets, models)
Eurgiga (models)
Shemsu-Heru (models)
TheBarbarian (models)
The Mad Poet (models)
Estelindis (models & icons)
TarotRedhand (models & icons)
TheBarbarian (models & retextures)
Ancarion (models, tilesets)
St4rscream (models)
dafena (models)
Xia (models)
helvene (tilesets)
Naku35 (models)
PLUSH HYENA of DOOM (models, vfx)
shadguy (models, vfx)
News and Announcements / Update 14 Aug 2020 (v05p72)
« Last post by ides on August 14, 2020, 11:50:20 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a small nwsync download. Notable changes:

* Essembra - Old Town has received a small market upgrade and overall facelift; check the map pins as a few things have moved.

* Stoneskin has been changed to provide +3/10 damage reduction and the cap has been raised to a maximum of 150 points of damage. Stoneskin and Greater Stoneskin now have a material component: Ground Granite. Temporarily, 100gp may be used as a substitute.

* Chat commands have been added to save and load your spellbook arrangement.

* Chat commands have been added to change your familiar's type and name.

* Chat commands have been added to change your animal companion's type and name.
Chronicles / Music in the air in Essembra
« Last post by Druie on August 13, 2020, 04:55:01 AM »
Even a few days after the fact, Essembra's folk are humming some of the tunes that were performed at the Silver Taproom during a Bardic concert organised by the bardess Ghara - a young bard who has been making quite the name for herself in public events over the last few seasons with her performances and compositions.

Performing on Rolliver's stage were the bards:

- Ghara herself, who performed several songs, dance routines, and bawdy poems!
- The elf Aralynn - a seemingly recent arrival who peformed several songs including a composition commemorating the defeat of Xalathros the Twisted!
- Local girl Buttercup who gave some traditional songs a cheerful rendition and was even called for an encore (and some folk say she gained a fan who begged her sign his shield!)
- The famous bard of Mistledale, Jhaer Brightsong, who was fortuitously in the area when this event was announced and regaled us with a traditional comical song.
- The Songbird of Moondale - Tyvessa Mithrem of the Mailed Mantle, whose ghostly voice gave us a Dalelander song from several centuries ago.

Additionally, the wizard known as Ryferth the Red won a raffle for sausages - but, alas! There seems to have been some miscommunication (to the amusement of the crowd) as the Silver Taproom rather famously does not serve them! (Just ask Rolliver - or, perhaps don't if he seems in an ill temper already).

A good crowd came to hear the songs and see the bards perform, and spirits are high thanks to a night of song and drink. Some local lads are even starting to ask when there next such event will be - and Rolliver Thynd is very keen to remind people that his stage is always open and the ale is always flowing at the Tap!
What a wonderful excuse to relax and find some time away from one’s duties. Marshall will happily attend, enjoy a night of frivolity, and hope to see friendly and familiar faces.
Announced Events / Re: Bard's Night in the Dales
« Last post by goatte on August 02, 2020, 08:02:44 PM »
I will try and bring Nevarre as an audience member.  I just need to go out and get some gold or gems to give as tokens to the performers.  May have to substitute good wine, though.
Announced Events / Re: Bard's Night in the Dales
« Last post by ides on August 01, 2020, 09:11:09 PM »
I can be there in some fashion if this is happening tomorrow. If it's the 9th then I'll probably have to bail.
Announced Events / Re: Bard's Night in the Dales
« Last post by Druie on July 31, 2020, 07:38:58 PM »
Where: To be determined - suggestions welcome!

Essembra's Silver Taproom has a lovely little stage and they do enjoy holding bardic events there - it's been a while since the last one so it'd get a good reception!

I'll join in the festivities with someone, yet to be determined who exactly :)
Announced Events / Re: Bard's Night in the Dales
« Last post by fractal on July 31, 2020, 07:17:50 PM »
Aralynn Silvershadow will be there to regale the crowd with song and tale, from the Dalelands and beyond.
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