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News and Announcements / A DM has been removed
« Last post by Druie on April 17, 2021, 06:16:08 PM »
Ghost4life has abused the DM client to give his PCs items, gold, and XP.

This is utterly unfair to the rest of our player community and is against our rules. As such, he has been removed from the DM team, and all characters who benefited have been deleted.

We expect everyone in the community - both as players and Dungeon Masters - to abide by our community rules.

If you have any concerns, please direct them to me or ides.
News and Announcements / Update 17 Apr 2021 (v05p97)
« Last post by ides on April 17, 2021, 06:02:48 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a small nwsync download on your next login. Notable changes:

* Four new Innate Combat Abilities have been added. All characters have access to these.

* The old Knockdown and Disarm feats have been removed. Improved Knockdown and Improved Disarm have been changed. Characters who have already chosen these feats can choose a different feat. This offer will not expire, so take your time picking your replacement feat and contact me when you're ready.

* Two new feats have been added which improve the Feint and Demoralize Opponent abilities.

* The Whip weapon has been reimagined as the Scourge. This will also help us draw attention to the fact that its base stats have been changed. You are welcome to continue roleplaying whip users as wielding any manner of whip, scourge, or lash, and will likely find all combinations of those terms used in our item pool.

Note: I am eager to hear your feedback once you've had an opportunity to use the new Innate Combat Abilities. The intent is to add more situational tools, like Defensive Fighting, for melee combat. If spamming them becomes a valid tactic, especially without feat or skill investment, I will revisit their balance.

NPCs do not currently have access to these abilities while we work out any issues, but they will in time!
News and Announcements / Update 08 Apr 2021 (v05p96)
« Last post by ides on April 08, 2021, 04:30:11 PM »
Currently live on the server! Notable changes:

* Campsite Kits have been rebranded and rebalanced as Camping Supplies and Rations. The cooldown is now 8 in-game hours, which is roughly the same as the previous 60 real-life minutes. You can now use them in more places than before, and an exceptional success allows you to create a campsite without consuming your Camping Supplies and Rations.

* You can now examine Camping Supplies and Rations to determine the current DC to create a restful campsite. It also provides a suggestion of your likelihood to succeed.

* Athletics checks around the module should now indicate the DC and your likelihood to succeed.
Announced Events / Re: Greengrass Festival [Saturday 1 May 2021 - 2pm ET/6pm UTC ]
« Last post by Druie on April 05, 2021, 08:23:42 PM »
Here's a link to some OOC info about the festival, particularly a bigger list of deities who celebrate on this date if you want to check & incorporate this into your roleplay:
Announced Events / Greengrass Festival [Saturday 1 May 2021 - 2pm ET/6pm UTC ]
« Last post by Druie on April 05, 2021, 07:55:38 PM »
The spring festival, Greengrass, will be held in the Dales at the end of the month of Tarsakh, as is tradition. A festival celebrating spring, traditional customs have the wealthier people bring out flowers to give to the less wealthy, who either wear them or spread them on the ground to encourage the deities to usher in the summer.

This date is an important one for many faiths of the region: Worshipers of Chauntea celebrate this as a hedonistic fertility festival; Eldathyns gather in their groves for a holy service they call the Greening; Mielikkans observe planting rites and the Wild Ride in which they meet with herds of unicorns; Silvanites give sacrifice by breaking and burying an object constructed of wood; followers of Sune frolic outdoors; and a surprising number of dwarven faiths also consider this day special and perform their own rites and traditions.

Essembrans, as ever, will visit the expansive grounds of King Aencar's ruined castle for this event, and travelling carnivals, merchants, and other entertainers are expected to make their stop here too. Lord Jarath Burlisk, War-Chancellor of Essembra and Lord of Battledale, is expected to be in attendance with his retinue, alongside other local dignitaries. While the commonfolk will turn out to enjoy the free entertainment and fun festival treats for sale, adventurers often find delight in games of chance and prowess for gold and valuable prizes, and there is usually some canny adventurer selling rare goods or unique service pitching up a tent.

With the winds blowing sweeter and warmer every day, it promises to be a joyful occasion and a good way to let one's hair down in the first big party after the winter.

What: A public festival, open to all! Everyone is welcome to attend with their character throughout the festival day, regardless of level.

Where: In the grounds of Aencar's Keep, just south of Essembra.

When: Saturday May 1st. DM-led shenanigans will begin at 2pm ET / 6pm UTC. The festival ground will be open for use as a social/party area outside of DM-led events and you are welcome to make use of it for that purpose.

PCs are welcome (encouraged!) to put on bardic performances, religious sermons, fortune-telling, and other services. It can also be a really good opportunity to sell some of your valuable loot items you've been hanging onto!
News and Announcements / Update 28 Mar 2021 (v05p95)
« Last post by ides on March 28, 2021, 08:56:26 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a nwsync update on your next login. Notable changes:

* Favored Soul has been added.

* Spell Versatility has been added to all spontaneous caster classes. This ability allows them to forget one spell and replace it with another of the same level. There is a long cooldown which grows as they gain levels.

* More loot!
News and Announcements / Update 08 Mar 2021 (v05p94)
« Last post by ides on March 08, 2021, 06:40:08 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a nwsync update on your next login. Notable changes:

* Ground Granite is now required for spells where it is a spell component. Flimsy minted coins are no longer a substitute.

* Spring has sprung!  8)
Chronicles / Staving off the Winter Blues in Essembra
« Last post by Druie on February 22, 2021, 08:47:28 PM »
Essembra's Elf on the Flying Stag family restaurant hosted a Winter Blues bardic festival recently, drawing quite a crowd of locals and travellers currently staying in town.

Illusionist Pogo Bunions introduced proceedings, followed by popular bardess Ghara performing a number of songs - some of her recent compositions and some old favorites - to the delight of the audience.

Newcomer Theodoric Stumblediggle took the stage to recite some traditional hinnish 'hinericks'  - some of the comic poems that he had written about local adventurers caused quite a bit of raucous laughter!

Ghara's closing encore performances brought the house down, complete with a mysterious cascade of roses! The dining room was abuzz with chatter and friendly sing-song for some hours after the show ended, with proprietress Cellista Rye hailing the event as a roaring success and just the thing to drive off the winter chill.

Announced Events / Re: Winter Blues Fest
« Last post by Druie on February 21, 2021, 04:00:02 PM »
Just to be clear, this is today!
Announced Events / Winter Blues Fest
« Last post by Druie on February 21, 2021, 03:59:39 PM »
Ghara sings the Blues, special guests too! Dinner and Show, 10 gold - plus 50/50 draw for the surprise prize! Birthday wishes for Ghara encouraged! Presents welcome.  Friends and Family discount - ask at door!

Who: Anyone and everyone!

Where: The Elf on the Flying Stag Restaurant in Essembra's Old Town district

When  Sunday Feb 21st - 4pm EST / 9pm UTC
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