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Chronicles / Gorgon-stoned soldier recovered from the forest!
« Last post by Druie on March 16, 2020, 07:46:58 PM »
And so the story told in the taverns goes...

The rag tag crew begins with the Elvish Druid Elaran, Witchy Raz and Wolf Shape Sigrun (who lives in a Cave and predicts an Omen). They happened upon a Ranger named Fairclough (though no one could pronounce his name right )...outside the Watchful Eye Inn in Essembra. Raz was making graffiti (alleged) as Fairclough came out and commented on her actions. Thus be how it began:

After much parlay and bargaining with the Ranger.. a new Rag Tag crew was organized consisting of a wagon and a few local labourers. While our heroes were at first concerned with body odour the "help" they hired may pose a risk to their long journey adventure, it proved a boon, as perhaps their odour repelled any other wandering beasts, as they closed in on their quarry.

So - The statue remained as it was, so many days ago. Yes, the birds were there, and scattered as the crew approached. Chirping and sounding an alarm perhaps. Work was ordered right away to use the beasts of burden and pulleys to haul the horse man statue into the wagon. No chipping was allowed!  Just then, a giant Baboon Monkey creature bounded from behind the undergrowth, snarling and waving massive arms about. The Party were taken by surprise and before they could act, the Ape began to "hug" the statue.

Thus having found the frozen statue of Dylaan, the orders were given. Then that Ape appeared. Shock, Surprise, yes, some wet their pants.

As the giant grotesque Ape hugged the statue possessively. Elaran the Druid, seeing this action as a sign of non-violence, used his ancient knowledge of druidic sign language to communicate with the Gorilla. "We are friends," he signed excitedly. The giant beast looked over at the druid, maybe understanding his hands waving about, maybe thinking the puny elf was giving himself up for sacrifice. Either way, it seemingly was enough of a distraction for the Witch Raz, and Wolf Shaman Sigrun to put the beast out of its misery. Elaran cried out "He was almost my friend!" But alas, too late.

The labourers, stood by stunned, but were quickly put back to work. The statue, gingerly placed on the wagon using union grade furniture blankets. (The help were very excited about using the aforementioned blankets), and the rag tag crew thusly travelled to the Half-Axe Trail, to meet up with the Ranger Fairclough. As promised, the cave of the ancient Basilisk, ruled by the Rangers, provided the cure that had befell, the curse of The Gorgon warrior.  The End.

Kind thanks to @Shug for this wonderful write up of the event as a tavern-tale :)
News and Announcements / Update 14 Mar 2020 (v05p43)
« Last post by ides on March 14, 2020, 03:03:42 PM »
Currently live on the server and will require a nwsync update. Notable changes:

* Defensive Fighting has been added to all characters, as a basic combat mode. Toggling it on grants a character +2 AC at the cost of -4 AB. It cannot be combined with other combat modes, such as Expertise or Power Attack, and casting spells will prevent you from using it for approximately two rounds.

* Sudden Metamagic feats have been added, specifically Sudden Empower, Sudden Extend, and Sudden Maximize. Once per day, they allow you to apply the given metamagic to the next spell cast. Sudden metamagic cannot be combined with any other form of metamagic, including other versions of sudden metamagic. The feats can be toggled on and off at will, and are only consumed by casting a compatible spell while the mode is activated.

For a limited time I will allow characters to swap an existing spellcasting feat for a sudden metamagic feat. Please PM me with your character's name and the feat you would like to swap. I will process them as time allows.

* Assassins & Blackguards have been given UI spellbooks. Upon your first rest, all feat-based spells will be converted to engine spells. You will need to be on a development build (8193.6 or later) to see these spells or select them at level-up.

If this causes any issues, please report them as a bug. I am aware that crafting does not (yet) work with assassin or blackguard spells.

* Ferocity has not been changed, but halforcs now get a passive feat which provides & describes the ability.

* Our custom music is now provided via nwsync and no longer needs to be downloaded separately.

* Finally, I added a !bug command to help you report bugs from ingame.
Announced Events / Quest - Curse of the Gorgon
« Last post by Shug on March 12, 2020, 11:41:33 PM »
Recently, a noble and talented warrior by the name of Dylaan, was surprised by a wandering Gorgon in the Tangled Vales. Accompanied by Elaran the Druid, and Raz the Witch. The Gorgon did not waste time in turning poor Dylaan to stone. Despite all herbal remedies, and spells they could not reverse the curse. Word has now traveled through the Dales, and a need for a powerful mage is requested to help. Time is of the essence, as the local bird life have now found a perch for which they can defecate on.
((This is a time sensitive quest, appealing to those players and DM's that can help us out - we will accommodate time zones to make this work, thanks in advance to all who can help!))
Announced Events / Re: Dwarves Under The Outhouse Unite!
« Last post by Donrath on December 07, 2019, 09:15:44 PM »
The tall, dark and handsome Hin dismounted his pony by the comatose dwarf. After rifling through the dwarf's pocket's ( pocket lint, pebbles, stale tobacco only ), the Hin stuck a message to  the dwarf's forehead using some previously chewed sticky Hinnie nectar. Athelwain Underfoot, Burglar, At yer service.
Announced Events / Re: Dwarves Under The Outhouse Unite!
« Last post by Druie on December 02, 2019, 06:01:48 PM »
None of my PCs quite fit the bill, but I might contrive a way to join in :) (depending on where this falls amid xmas happenings)
Announced Events / Re: Dwarves Under The Outhouse Unite!
« Last post by kwabbernoot on November 30, 2019, 10:00:27 AM »
Without much emotion, an armored figure seated on his war boar watches the blurting brether for a period of time. The mount is steered towards Shug and without much protocol, a battle and disease hardened Dwarf tosses a few coins towards the empty jug. "Rocks crack; they never bend." he says in Dwarven and continues with a sarge like tone. "Now get back in." Not expecting an answer he places his heels in the boars sides, gives Shug a hard stare with his one good eye and states his name. "Morigrim". Then he rides off.   
Announced Events / Dwarves Under The Outhouse Unite!
« Last post by Shug on November 28, 2019, 11:27:31 PM »
Shug Hammerfell, A Dwarf from all angles, shuffles out of the latest Tavern having been barred once again. He adjusts his bloodstained Half-plate Armor, wipes his dark ale stained lips and well kept long beard with his cloak.
He squints out into the gathering gloom with one good eye.
Having survived so many adventures to date, his mind wanders to his memory of the deepest depths of Aencars Keep... For beyond he thinks lies a mystery and perhaps the greatest treasure of them all!

Shug gathers what little remains of his wits, and seeks out a scribe to draft a call-to-arms for his brethren. He has felt lonely of late, having to keep company with folks not sharing his views on... bevy indulgences and cannibal pigs.
His love life was recently scryed by a certain blind man who left the answer open, causing further depression; as Shug saw the love of his life (The Bartender of the Six Sisters) cavorting with another demi-human.

Still standing outside, the rain now starting to downpour. Shug stares into yet another empty jug of cheap cider-pop whiskey...
He blurts out his message to the scribe who isnt there yet.
He speaks in Dwarven, as it is the Dwarven Clan he needs in this time of desperation.

((Calling All Dwarf PC's who want to help Shug finish Aencars deepest Levels. You Know you Want too! Perhaps meet up for a few hours near the Xmas Break- Other welcome of course, But BRING BACK OOR Dwarfes Ken))
Chronicles / Putting Bad Luck to Rest!
« Last post by Druie on November 23, 2019, 10:39:22 PM »
Essembran rumour has it that Taeryl Ravenstone, the Doommaiden well known in the region, recently had a meeting at the Guild of Alchemists and left in high spirits indeed. She hired fresh horses and a small wagon, commissioned a large box from the local carpenter, and took off toward the south with them. Who knows what she is about? But the residents are always glad if she departs happy - it means she won't be sending any bad luck their way for now.

Gossip from the guild suggests that Clandery, the warrioress Shea, elves Lyssariel and Ivos, the dwarf Shug, and the druid Torgrim were hired by the Doommaiden to rescue something valuable from the depths of the northern forest. The words "rotting road" and "cultists" were whispered in hushed tones, and someone even suggested they brought back a body for the priest? Why would she be so happy about a body? ... well, it would explain the coffin-like box, for sure.

No matter what, it seems that Clandery and his band have done something to make the white-haired woman happy, so gossips are inclined to buy these fellows a drink at the local watering holes... until someone stubs their toe and declares Beshaba's favour over.
News and Announcements / Update 21 Nov 2019 (v05p35)
« Last post by ides on November 21, 2019, 06:58:57 PM »
Currently live on the server and will require a small nwsync update. Notable changes:

* Autumn has arrived!

* Medium & Heavy armor rebalancing. Chainmail / Breastplate is now 5/3. Banded Mail is now 6/2. I've also adjusted weight, arcane spell failure, and armor check penalty for these armors - generally in the wearer's favor.

* Item cost rebalancing. Items that drop from similar pools should now be closer to each other in value, for example: large mithral shield is worth substantially less than before, +2 skill items and wearable accessories in general are worth more. There will likely be more economy tweaks coming, and I'm interested in item value feedback (both for individual items and the drop pools you encounter in dungeons in general.)

* There is a new Minion Command Feat, given to all characters at login. More ways to acquire minions are planned for all classes.

* The AFK & Diceroll widgets will be removed from your inventory at login to free up space; they were replaced by instant-cast feats of the same name earlier this year.
Announced Events / Re: A Place to Rest Old Bones [Clandery et al]
« Last post by Donrath on November 17, 2019, 12:07:51 PM »
Works for me. 1 pm EST is perfect
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