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This is a good time for me.
I will do my best to remember :)
Aye. I should be available.
A note is left upon the noticeboard in the battlecout of Essembra:

I come seeking explorers and adventurers to aid me in finding something that belongs to the church of Kossuth, but has been lost in these lands.

*signed Desmond Ferrin, annointed of the Firelord*

Who: Sign up to register your interest. Up to level 8, but preference given to those who haven't done as much questing.

Where: Battle Court, Essembra

When: 6 pm US central / 11 pm UTC Tuesday October 23, 2018

1. ronan
2. billy
Chronicles / A ghost hold aflame
« Last post by Druie on October 20, 2018, 09:40:55 PM »
Rumour has it that one of the ghost holds, once the manse of the Glardan family of Urmlaspyr and long abandoned, went up in smoke recently.

It is said that a group of Sembian adventurers had been using it as their based for jaunts into Aencar's Keep, and some suggest they met a sticky end at the hands of bandits who plague the region.

Some wonder if it has anything to do with the ghost Tyvessa's recent troubles - as she seems to be in better spirits since this happened - but no one can really connect the two happenings for certain.

In any case, the two surviving Sembians (rescued by a band of demihuman adventurers, so it is said) remained in Essembra for only a few days before returning south with what meagre possessions they still had about them.
Announced Events / Re: Lyre, lyre, pants on fire
« Last post by ides on October 20, 2018, 06:10:50 PM »
Bringing Almyth Mistrivvin, wiz
News and Announcements / Update 19 Oct 2018 (v05p18)
« Last post by ides on October 20, 2018, 01:12:30 AM »
Currently live on the server. Notable changes:

* Autumn has arrived in Cormanthor!

* Added the Low Wall Ruins labyrinth along the northern, forgotten stretch of the Moonsea Ride; appropriate for levels 5-8.

* Fixed up some missing features for the Battlerager prestige class.
Announced Events / Re: Lyre, lyre, pants on fire
« Last post by kwabbernoot on October 19, 2018, 02:15:11 PM »
I think I can make it with Morigrim
Dwarf rog/fig (1/4)
Announced Events / Lyre, lyre, pants on fire
« Last post by Druie on October 18, 2018, 09:10:41 AM »
Rumour has it that one of the Mailed Mantle ghosts - the elf Tyvessa - has been troubled of late and wishes the aid of corporeal adventurers to assist in a matter of grave importance to her.

Who: Sign up to register your interest. Up to level 7, priority will go to newer players who haven't had much go on quests! I will assemble a roster of up to 6 PCs with a reserve list incase of no-shows.

Where: Battle Court, Essembra

When: Saturday October 20th, 6pm UTC / 7pm BST / 2pm ET

1. Morigrim
2. Masil Micsieg
3. Almyth Mistrivvin
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
News and Announcements / Update 2 Oct 2018 (v05p17)
« Last post by ides on October 03, 2018, 12:33:06 AM »
Currently live on the server. Notable changes:

* Now on NWN:EE 1.77 (8181). Click here for details.

* Doors have swung open and screams have emanated from the Deep Cells of Aencar's Keep, accessible from the Dungeon. Appropriate for characters level 7-9.

* Some loot table rebalancing & new loot.
Chronicles / The New Lord of Battledale
« Last post by Druie on September 28, 2018, 08:43:03 AM »
Essembran citizens, Battledarran merchants, traveling Dalesfolk and many adventurers gathered on the 22nd of Eleint in the orchard gardens beside Wyvernblade Keep in Essembra for an announcement by Peacemarshal Fiosane and Abbey First-Sword Jarath Burlisk. Expectations were that Battledale would have a new War-Chancellor by dusk.

Peacemarshal Fiosane announced that she was stepping aside, leaving Jarath Burlisk as the sole claimant. This warranted some gasps of surprise from adventurers in particular, as many had favoured her. However, to the relief of many, she insisted that she was to retain her office as Peacemarshal to the new lord and to serve just as she had Lord Ilmeth.

Jarath Burlisk then made his speech to the assembled, and after being subject to some doubt about his legitimacy, proved to all that he possessed the right to rule. He brought forth a great mace of Elven make (retrieved from the depths of Aencar's ruined keep) and with it called forth several spirits who once served his ancestor in the Mailed Mantle - a spectacle that elicited great surprise and shock from the assembled! Thus was Jarath Burlisk's blood connection to the Mantled King proven, and a new founding of the Mailed Mantle company announced. Lord Jarath now seeks capable and loyal men and women to join his personal retinue under the banner of the Mailed Mantle, for the first time since 1044 DR.

There is a more positive mood among Essembran townsfolk now - thanks to a young and virile new Lord, a capable administrator in his service, and the promise of security, prosperity and greatness as came to Battledale under the rule of Aencar Burlisk himself three hundred years ago.

And four strange ghosts that don't seem keen to leave.
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