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Title: [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
Post by: Druie on November 24, 2020, 07:54:08 PM
A caravan of brightly painted wagons rolls down Rauthauvyr's Road one bleak fifthday, spreading cheer with the promise of exotic and magical goods for sale. Rumour comes from Mistledale that this Three Wishes Trading coster will be selling some rare and valuable items at auction where it stops - a rumour that has caught the attention of various adventurers.

Merchants and stallholders of Essembra are delighted to receive word that the Coster will be opening stall in Old Town market at the week's end, confident that such an event will bring many more customers to see local wares as well as to ooo and aah at the exotic fare on display.

What: A special merchant will be showing up to sell some special wares!

Where: Essembra's Old Town Market

Who: Anyone who wishes to attend - this is an open, social event. PCs are welcome (and encouraged!) to use this marketplace opportunity to sell some of their goods and services, as well as coming to browse what else is on offer.

When: Saturday November 28th, at 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT
Title: Re: [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
Post by: Shug on November 28, 2020, 12:44:18 AM
In the dead of the night as the moon wanes steady,
A shadowy group of beasties get ready.
Circus style, with no fanfare,
Pogo Bunions, sets up his wares.

Illusions of magic and vials of dreams,
Await the villagers, worthy of Queens.
A staff, a wand, a ring of delight!
Armor that hides you in the full moonlight.

But bargain you must, and bargain you will,
Perhaps a riddle or two will lessen the bill.
For Pogo only sells one dream at a time,
To get a full discount, you must finish his rhyme.

Pogo's Pop Up Tent may include the items listed below.
Get there early to get the best selection. Please wear a mask to keep it safe (from prying eyes). And keep a healthy social distance from pickpockets

Staffs of : Power, Defense, Lesser Conjure, Icicles, displacement, mischief.
Wands of : Missiles, Blasts, Burning Hands, Webs, fireballs

Armor of the Templestars (AC 6 - cleric spell level slot 2 and 3)
Armor Plate of the Water Deep ( AC 7 +1AC, waterbreath)
Cloaked Skin Suit (AC 1, +2 hide, +2 move silent)
Wraith Armor (AC 5 + 2 vs undead, improved save vs. neg energy +2)
Spam + 1
Halberd + 2
Great Axe + 1, keen
Gloves of Dexterity + 2
Bracers of Ferocity + 1 dex, +1 str
Night Killer crossbow(light) - Cause blindness/deafness 14 charges)
Meat from a Farm
Sentinel Guard shield + 2
A keen trout
Mirror Shield (AC 2 + 1, cause blindness/deafness 15 charges)
Flail of Destruction + 2, 1d4 fire dmg
Boots of 7 Leagues, dimension door
Spam + 3
Great Axe , 1d6 cold dmg, Massive crit 3d6
Elf Blood Longsword 1d6 dam vs Elf, + 2 regenerate
Biscuits and Cheese + 1

Title: Re: [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
Post by: Druie on November 30, 2020, 06:00:07 PM
Thanks to those who attended - hope you enjoyed the early access to some of the new loot :)

Shug's character Pogo Bunions will continue to be selling goods locally, even if the special merchant has moved on for the season! Contact Shug the player directly if you want anything on the list above as it may go out of date fast!