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Title: Highharvestide Festival [Open Event] [Sat 19th Sept, 7pm UTC / 3pm ET]
Post by: Druie on September 07, 2020, 08:04:20 PM
As the heat of summer begins to fade, preparations are underway in Battledale for the annual Highharvestide celebrations to be held in a fortnight at the traditional festival ground of Aencar's Keep.

There is a jovial mood in the land; the summer has been good to the folk of Battledale. Wagons roll in and out of Old Town, between the workshops of the craftsfolk - carpenters, ropemakers, and suchlike - as the folk make their preparations not just for the festival but for the incoming harvest of food from the fields.

With contests and such a staple of Battledarran festivities, rumour has it that Heliott of Mistledale will return to try and win back his pie-eating crown.

What: Let's get together and have a party with some fun games and activities! Lord Jarath Burlisk will also be receiving petitioners.

Where: The festival is held in the grounds of Aencar's Keep, south of Essembra. Turn east off Ruathavyr's Road at the Ghost Holds.

Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome - new and old players. Feel free to bring existing characters or roll up a novelty character for the occasion.

When: Saturday September 19th. The festival ground will be open for RP throughout the day, but we will be holding contests from around 7pm UTC / 3pm ET.

If you would like to participate in the festival as anything other than a visitor, please hit me up beforehand so I can help you get set up with such things like tents, stalls, seating, and signage etc.. In the past, PCs have used festivals as an opportunity to sell foraged goods and potions, do some kooky fortune-telling, perform sleight of hand tricks and acrobatics, and sing specially composed songs with dancing. We welcome all such things and will help facilitate :)
Title: Re: Highharvestide Festival [Open Event] [Sat 19th Sept, 7pm UTC / 3pm ET]
Post by: Druie on September 18, 2020, 12:49:42 AM
This is going ahead THIS WEEKEND!

Just to note that we will be around roleplaying at the festival site before the stated start time, so if you're around, feel free to pop over and get yourself situated and beer'd up. We will begin the official eventing around the start time above.