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Title: Out of the mist...
Post by: Druie on February 27, 2019, 10:49:11 AM
Rumour has it that Mistfall House in Feather Falls has been the scene of some increased activity and exploration of late - two bands of adventurers are known to have entered in the past tenday or so but only one group actually was noted as leaving the place. Locals report the halls echoing with strange spooky sounds emanating from the place while adventurers were inside.

The adventurers did not stay long in town once they returned though, and made straight for Wright's Ferry - perhaps on some other business.

Some time later, Wright's Ferry locals noticed two foreigners leaving town and heading toward Battledale, having conjured steeds out of thin air. One of the Albottle brothers swears blind that the woman was bald-headed under her cowl!