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Elaran Tassarian. Druid 9th
Lahire, Fighter (9)
Count Dylaan in. (two-handed warrior 10)
Holy crap batman I may actually have some free time this weekend. Ida would love to be involved if I can find time to get up to speed.
Myriani will be there to offer a helping hand.
Taylor is down for epic adventure  and possibly horrific death and destruction hitherto undreampt of in the Dales!

Lerilmathralia D'malianicen(Rogue 8, Ranger 1)
Eryka Andartam (Pal 3, sorc 2, rdd 4) would like to see this through to the end
“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”
J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit

Time marches on, and the adventurers now know that poor Morressyn, the secret song-dragon, is being steadily drained of blood - and will likely soon perish - to support the rejuvenation of the foul dracolich Maugosthargar the Everburning, whose original body was destroyed by the Talons of Justice only a few years ago.

The mysterious Wearer of Purple known as Lord Mournfall has orchestrated everything - from the theft of Thraxata to the kidnap of Morressyn to the attempted theft and corruption of the Blood of Lathander. It is he who is in possession of the phylactery that adventurers must destroy in order to prevent this dracolich from returning and scouring the land with fire and terror - especially as a rescued Cult turncoat now reveals that their goal is to slay Lord Jarath Burlisk - King Aencar's Heir - and raze Essembra in a show of strength.

They know the road they must take. With the Harper Dennis working to coordinate all involved, a plan is hatched to put an end to Sammaster's disciples and their dark doings - before it is too late.

Who: Anyone who wishes to stop a Dracolich! This is an Open Event without a party limit.

When: Saturday July 11, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET

Where: Meeting at the Riverman Inn in Blackfeather Bridge, the party will make their assault from there.

We encourage PCs who have been involved in this plotline so far to make sure others who wish to be involved are brought up to speed and included.
Announced Events / Re: On the Dragon's Tail [Sat 4th July, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET]
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Lahire, Fighter [9]
Announced Events / Re: On the Dragon's Tail [Sat 4th July, 6pm UTC / 2pm ET]
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Elaran Tassarian , Druid [9]
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