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Announced Events / Re: Winter Blues Fest
« Last post by Druie on February 21, 2021, 04:00:02 PM »
Just to be clear, this is today!
Announced Events / Winter Blues Fest
« Last post by Druie on February 21, 2021, 03:59:39 PM »
Ghara sings the Blues, special guests too! Dinner and Show, 10 gold - plus 50/50 draw for the surprise prize! Birthday wishes for Ghara encouraged! Presents welcome.  Friends and Family discount - ask at door!

Who: Anyone and everyone!

Where: The Elf on the Flying Stag Restaurant in Essembra's Old Town district

When  Sunday Feb 21st - 4pm EST / 9pm UTC
Chronicles / The Reinvention of the House of Gond
« Last post by Druie on January 31, 2021, 10:09:01 PM »
Essembra is abuzz following a gathering at the House of Gond. For over 40 years the temple has not been very welcoming - its high priest working in the back rooms on all sorts of crazy inventions and bizarre projects. Following his death this winter, as age finally caught up with him, his former assistant Caldeen has been promoted. And confirmed by the High Artificer based in the father-church in Lantan, too!

The Techsmith Ringo Faldspan - the halfling who rode into town on the shoulders of a mechanical man only a few days before - gave a speech in memory of the deceased High priest Gulmarin Reldacap and announced the promotion of Caldeen to the high office. As part of her own speech, Caldeen promised to run the temple in a more open and welcoming way, fostering the spirit of invention among visitors and neighbours. Immediately setting to work, she was heard making dealings with a dwarven prospector and announcing to others that the temple will be selling some useful goods. Likewise, local worthies such as Durn the famed blacksmith, Battle-Chaplain Sannaller of Tempus, Peacemarshal Fiosane, and War-Chancellor Jarath came to lend their support. Personal words of support were given by the Tempurans, who were keen to cooperate in the development of war-machines and siege engines.

With the temple officially under new leadership, the craftsfolk of Essembra seem buoyed with optimistic cheer even as the heavy winter snow blankets the town and adventurers are keen to see if the Gondites have any particularly interesting products to offer them.
Announced Events / A Grand Re-Invention, or, Gond but not Forgotten
« Last post by Druie on January 26, 2021, 05:07:14 PM »
The House of Gond has long been overlooked by many travelers and locals in Essembra. For the many decades that Gulmarin Reldacap, the High Smith, has been in charge here they have operated a mostly closed door - only briefly and quickly (and grumpily) dealing with the matters brought to them by craftsfolk, faithful, and even church visitors. Still, the works that came from Reldacap's private workshop have gone down in renown among his colleagues, rumor has it that the venerable priest's mortal clock has ticked its last tock.

Early last month -Nightal- a few nosy folk spotted that Caldeen, Reldacap's personal assistant, was hiring messengers at the Watchful Eye and swiftly dispatched them. A day ago, a spectacle arrived in response. A halfling man, clad in bright saffron with a broad hat atop his head, wandered into town on the shoulders of a strange, metal man. This weird mechanical figure set him down in front of the House of Gond, and the pair of them disappeared into the temple and have not yet ventured back out.

Today, Caldeen emerged from the temple to pin the following notice to the door.

Quote from: A fine parchment marked with the cog sign of Gond in gold leaf
Good Folke of Essembra

At the Last Day of this Weeke and Monthe
Shall be Held for the Public in this Hall
The Enthronement of a new High Smith of this House
And Memorial Service for High Smith Reldacap

All Faithful and Friends be welcome

Tea & Buffet - Donations accepted

Who: Anyone and everyone!

What: Let's start the year off with a small social :) The Gondites are reinventing themselves and it's an excuse for a little bit of a party and some networking.

When: Sunday 31 January 3pm ET / 8pm UTC

Where: The House of Gond, Old Town, Essembra.
Announced Events / Re: [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
« Last post by Druie on November 30, 2020, 06:00:07 PM »
Thanks to those who attended - hope you enjoyed the early access to some of the new loot :)

Shug's character Pogo Bunions will continue to be selling goods locally, even if the special merchant has moved on for the season! Contact Shug the player directly if you want anything on the list above as it may go out of date fast!
Announced Events / Re: [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
« Last post by Shug on November 28, 2020, 12:44:18 AM »
In the dead of the night as the moon wanes steady,
A shadowy group of beasties get ready.
Circus style, with no fanfare,
Pogo Bunions, sets up his wares.

Illusions of magic and vials of dreams,
Await the villagers, worthy of Queens.
A staff, a wand, a ring of delight!
Armor that hides you in the full moonlight.

But bargain you must, and bargain you will,
Perhaps a riddle or two will lessen the bill.
For Pogo only sells one dream at a time,
To get a full discount, you must finish his rhyme.

Pogo's Pop Up Tent may include the items listed below.
Get there early to get the best selection. Please wear a mask to keep it safe (from prying eyes). And keep a healthy social distance from pickpockets

Staffs of : Power, Defense, Lesser Conjure, Icicles, displacement, mischief.
Wands of : Missiles, Blasts, Burning Hands, Webs, fireballs

Armor of the Templestars (AC 6 - cleric spell level slot 2 and 3)
Armor Plate of the Water Deep ( AC 7 +1AC, waterbreath)
Cloaked Skin Suit (AC 1, +2 hide, +2 move silent)
Wraith Armor (AC 5 + 2 vs undead, improved save vs. neg energy +2)
Spam + 1
Halberd + 2
Great Axe + 1, keen
Gloves of Dexterity + 2
Bracers of Ferocity + 1 dex, +1 str
Night Killer crossbow(light) - Cause blindness/deafness 14 charges)
Meat from a Farm
Sentinel Guard shield + 2
A keen trout
Mirror Shield (AC 2 + 1, cause blindness/deafness 15 charges)
Flail of Destruction + 2, 1d4 fire dmg
Boots of 7 Leagues, dimension door
Spam + 3
Great Axe , 1d6 cold dmg, Massive crit 3d6
Elf Blood Longsword 1d6 dam vs Elf, + 2 regenerate
Biscuits and Cheese + 1

Announced Events / [Open] Trading Treasures (Sat 28 Nov, 2pm ET/7pm GMT)
« Last post by Druie on November 24, 2020, 07:54:08 PM »
A caravan of brightly painted wagons rolls down Rauthauvyr's Road one bleak fifthday, spreading cheer with the promise of exotic and magical goods for sale. Rumour comes from Mistledale that this Three Wishes Trading coster will be selling some rare and valuable items at auction where it stops - a rumour that has caught the attention of various adventurers.

Merchants and stallholders of Essembra are delighted to receive word that the Coster will be opening stall in Old Town market at the week's end, confident that such an event will bring many more customers to see local wares as well as to ooo and aah at the exotic fare on display.

What: A special merchant will be showing up to sell some special wares!

Where: Essembra's Old Town Market

Who: Anyone who wishes to attend - this is an open, social event. PCs are welcome (and encouraged!) to use this marketplace opportunity to sell some of their goods and services, as well as coming to browse what else is on offer.

When: Saturday November 28th, at 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT
News and Announcements / Update 20 Nov 2020 (v05p88)
« Last post by ides on November 21, 2020, 02:27:41 AM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a ~250MB nwsync update. Notable changes:

* Monks now receive their UBAB from clubs and daggers, similar to shurikens, quarterstaves, kamas, and unarmed strikes.

* Gem values have been adjusted. Your old gems remain unchanged, however, they may not stack with new gems.

* New loot!

* New loot!

* New loot!
Just to note that while this scavenger event is over, we are still exchanging witchy items for rewards on the off-chance that we have missed folks who still need a trade.

Please feel free to get in touch in Discord and we can make sure we catch you for a swap!
News and Announcements / Update 15 Nov 2020 (v05p87)
« Last post by ides on November 15, 2020, 08:48:44 PM »
Currently live on the server! Notable changes:

* Most temple services have been made cheaper.

Bleeding & Stabilization

* Stabilizing sickness has been added. You receive -1 to AB, AC, saving throws, and skill checks for 2 minutes per level after stabilizing. It can be removed early via rest or restoration.

* Stabilize rolls now occur faster (once per round) when solo.

* Stabilizing is now more reliable and should happen from any source of healing.

* The temporary sanctuary effect now occurs immediately, always, as soon as you stabilize.

Death & Respawn

* Respawning now costs 25% of your gold, instead of a flat fee per level.

* Having a dead friend revived at a temple now costs only 100gp per that dead friend's level.

* You can now choose to revive at your corpse. This has the same cost as respawning and can only be done if enemies are not nearby.

* There is no longer a level drain penalty after respawn/revive.

* Corpses will be removed from your inventory after a reset. This may change in the future.

This was a fairly large overhaul to several core systems. Please use !bug or send me a message if anything looks off, or if you encounter any issues.
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