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Title: [Player Event - Scheduling] The Druid's Delve into Darkness
Post by: Loman on September 08, 2021, 09:58:14 AM
Hushed conversations have been taking place in quiet corners of the drinking holes and other establishments around many of the settlements of the Dales of late (though, notably, not Blackfeather Bridge) about an Elven man dressed in what can only be described as 'a mess of autumn leaves' who is accompanied by a large black bear (which, thankfully, stays outside the settlements when he arrives). They say he's been asking after adventurers and the brave-hearted to travel with him out to land near Peldan's Helm in Mistledale, where the accursed 'Silent Chapel' once stood and now an Oak with blood-red leaves towers out of a great rent in the ground. It seems he wants to climb down into that dark pit, where rumours speak of horrors untold that have been awoken by the destruction wrought above them, and investigate the source of the lingering evil within.

The rumours that circulate hint that he may even have been responsible for the situation at the site and at the very least he seems to have some experience with what might await those brave (or foolhardy) enough to accompany him, for he is particularly looking for the aid of at least one proficient trap-springer and those that wield the might of the Gods in battle. Those that have seen him and heard his entreaty often note that he is quick to vanish into the wilderness when patrols of the Riders of Mistledale approach.

The Druid, Lerin of Gulthmere, as he styles himself, plans to travel out there towards the end of the month, and will be staying around the small hamlet of Peldan's Helm to keep an eye on the situation there, where he hopes he will be sought out by hardy souls to aid him in facing the depths beneath the great tree.

((This is a scheduling thread, looking for interested players and also to find the best date/time that works for people to meet up and have a poke around the dungeon. While I don't know its exact suggested level rating, I would recommend 9-10+ level characters. If you've got a character interested in coming along, please post below or join the discussion in the thread I've created on the discord under the #looking-for-group channel - Silent Chapel Delve ( My current suggestion is Friday 24th September at 9PM BST, but am flexible, so let's try and work something out that works for everyone.))
Title: Re: [Player Event - Scheduling] The Druid's Delve into Darkness
Post by: Loman on September 13, 2021, 09:05:39 PM
In those hushed corners where half-drunk tavern-goers have speculated about the strange, flighty elf and his long-suffering ursine companion, rumours circulate that Lerin has begun his leagues-long trek through the backroads and wilderness trails of Mistledale, bound for the quiet hamlet of Peldan's Helm. There he will meet those brave enough to help him investigate the foulness lingering in the ruined depths of the Silent Chapel.

((This has been confirmed for 24th September, 9 PM BST (or thereabouts). Lerin will be hanging around Peldan's Helm on the day, generally irritating the inhabitants and keeping out of the way of any patrols of the Riders of Mistledale. Anyone who wants to come along, meet him there!

My current list of prospective dungeon-pals is:

@Ascended Mage

And we have a maybe from:


If anyone else feels like coming along, you're more than welcome to! I hope to see you guys there and look forward to a good romp through the desecrated halls beneath the tree.

P.S. Don't think we got anyone good with traps so, uh, bring extra healing potions!))