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Title: A Feast for Dragons
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Sir Johann d'Edoras, Warden of Featherdale, Lord-Protector of Feather Falls, called for a feast!

Commemorating three years since that great battle whereupon he and his noble companions laid low Thraxata The Red, the Scourge of Sessrendale, noble hearts from all the lands joined him in revelry!

Tempestra Glimmerfeather, The Matchmaker of Sembia, presented three prime eligible women:

* Carenza Khodolis, accompanied by her father Lord Henselt Khodolis of Thentia.

* Milisendis Grimwarrow, accompanied by her father Burgher Alosius Grimwarrow of Harrowdale.

* Tifaine Wynver, accompanied by her father Lord Eddis Wynver of Sembia.

Any would have made for a fine Lady of Feather Falls!

Also in attendance were most members of The Dragonguard of d'Edoras including Constal Auldo Hybrooke, Featherdale's Representative Kirshoff and his daughter Ivona Kirshoff, the bards Morressyn and Harun of Elversult, the magnificent Rundo the Bear Wrangler and The Bear, and the following:

* Ghara Ng'Grathk, Bard of Essembra
* Marshall Merendil of Cormyr
* Lahire
* Shug of the Hammerfell Clan
* Lady-Sir Baranya Hawall of the Red Fellowship
* Lerilmathralia D'malianicen - known as Taylor the Crow Trader
* Eryn Voss, Journeyman of the Luskan Host Tower
* Nevarre of Arabel
* Clandery of the Essembran Guild of Alchemists
* Ahnvae of House Ahmaquissar of Nimlith
* Lyssariel Veste, Sword of the Forest Queen
* Lerin of the Oakfather
* Eryka Andartam of Arcata
* And a mysterious elf rumored to have been referred to as 'el'tael'

The drink, dance, and song lasted well into the night, at which point many retired to beds at the Burning Troll Inn or began their long journeys home.

The morning, however, brought a different tone. The bones of Thraxata the Red were missing! It is told that Lord d'Edoras' roar shook his keep's foundations. The gates were ordered sealed. None would be permitted to leave, including his noble guests. Even his own Dragonguard were questioned, for a time, before Constal Hybrooke reminded him of their oath and their loyalty.

Supposedly, it was the Constal himself who gave the news to those few who were still in Feather Falls: ten thousand golden lions to whoever found and returned Thraxata to the Dragonslayer.

DM's Note: A few ground rules to set expectations and keep things fair:

* Any investigators will be asked to funnel any DM requests through me for the time being; I will coordinate with our DM team to schedule any in-game follow-ups that are necessary.

* I will not be entertaining any after-the-fact rolls for, for instance, Sense Motive.

* d'Edoras' Keep is strictly off-limits while he remains in a rage. Any visitors can assume they will be turned away at the gate, and his Dragonguard have been given their orders to pursue justice. I encourage investigators to start by interviewing those who were in attendance.

* This is an evolving plot; expect more to be revealed over the coming days and weeks.

* Have fun!
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When news reaches the Riverman in Blackfeather Bridge about the recent theft, noted Tracker Brynnar of the Dwarves makes it known around town by way of a few posted notices and shouted diatribes that she is available -for a negotiated share of the bounty, of course- to help in tracking down the skeleton and the thieves.

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Rumour travels as far as Essembra that, at the counsel of wise adventurers, Lord d'Edoras has been persuaded not to release the three young women and their fathers until the Cult of the Dragon has been routed and the skeleton of Thraxata has been returned. The three are in peril, they say, and will be kept safest inside his keep at Feather Falls!

In other news, Wright's Ferry was terrorized by a group of elves who murdered some unknown persons and set fire to them on the road! Representative Kirshoff has issued a small bounty for any information that leads to their apprehension, or better yet, the heads of those responsible!
Title: Re: A Feast for Dragons
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Further rumors spread that a small, armed group of Harrans (from Harrowdale!) have arrived in Feather Falls demanding the release of Burgher Grimwarrow and his daughter. They're said to be led by his son, Tristian Grimwarrow, and have stated that they're willing to hold the keep under siege if necessary! They even began building siege equipment, and tensions nearly boiled over into battle when adventurers (hired by d'Edoras?) sallied forth and destroyed a tonnelon!

Morninglord Jallian Horgontivar is said to have offered the Harrans warm meals and a spot to rest their heads, under the condition that they leave the people of Feather Falls alone and engage in peaceful talks with Lord d'Edoras.

An agent of the Khodolis family is said to be in Ashabenford, and is offering a healthy sum to anyone who can ensure the safe return of Lord Henselt Khodolis and his daughter. Supposedly they can be found most nights at the Velvet Veil.

There are no credible rumors regarding any Sembian influence attempting to extricate the Wynver family, which, naturally, means all manner of incredible rumors have sprouted to fill the space. One is to wonder whether anyone wants them returned.