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Announced Events / Re: Tavern Thursdays
« Last post by Meadows on Yesterday at 02:30:48 AM »
((Bump. See you Thursday the 22nd at 8 pm))
Announced Events / Re: Tavern Thursdays
« Last post by Meadows on June 14, 2021, 08:46:17 PM »
((Edited for rotating tavern! See you this Thursday the 17th at 8 pm))
Announced Events / Tavern Thursdays
« Last post by Meadows on June 07, 2021, 05:56:10 PM »
*A lovingly scribed invitation goes up in all visible message boards of Essembra, Oaknoll, Ashabenford and Featherdale. They each have a few specks of ash clinging to them.*

Miss Cale

Invites you to a weekly gathering

On each fourth day of the workman's week

Well after sun sets and candles are melting

To indulge in sampling fine wines and liqueurs from around the Dales

To measure your palette and find the best each tavern has to offer

Of their house ales and ambers

Support your local brewer, treat your tongue and bring your stories

Riveting conversation is promised

Raucous after-party adventures are always on the menu

This week’s tavern is The Four Flying Fish


((I’ll be holding this every Thursday night, starting 8:00 pm EST on June 10th, bring your character to drink, socialize, gossip, spy or threateningly clean your fingernails in the corner with a big knife. You’re welcome to come a little late, and likely this will end up in drunk dungeoning!

Time and day could be subject to change based on popular demand!))
News and Announcements / Update 12 May 2021 (v05p102)
« Last post by ides on May 12, 2021, 11:33:42 PM »
Currently live on the server! Notable changes:

* The !cinematic command has been added. Toggling cinematic mode hides your character, but only for yourself, to help you capture cinematic moments for things like our monthly screenshot contest!
Chronicles / A Spring Festival, Sprung with Joy
« Last post by Druie on May 02, 2021, 04:21:29 PM »
Essembrans are buzzing after a successful Greengrass festival at the town's traditional festival grounds. Always one of the bigger festivals in the calendar, common folk and travelling visitors alike made their way to the grounds of old King Aencar's keep where the scene was set!

Lord Jarath and his retinue - including his strange ghostly servants - were in attendance to hear from the people of the Dale, while this year's catering was handled by the Bold Banners, with Sabeth Tantul providing the drinks as ever.

Popular bardess Ghara performed a song in honour of two local adventurers who have now settled in Essembra, while Pogo Bunions - beloved by the children of Essembra for his wacky antics - hosted a strange game show to the delight of the merry crowd.

As is tradition, contests of martial (and other) skill were held, with prizes from the Wyvernblade collection of historic and curious relics. Of these contests,

  • Amyvain won the archery in a decisive display of skill.
  • Nevena bested two men to take the brawl prize.
  • Baranya surprised the crowd by beating a dwarf in the pie-eating contest.

Much gossip is now had, too, as people espied the famed Sembian matchmaker Tempestra Glimmerfeather at the event, introducing herself to Jarath and taking the details of many of the pretty girls attending. Is the War-Chancellor seeking to take a wife? Will he marry a local girl or some Sembian noble?

Others report a sighting of the infamous 'Sage on the Run', Zeboaster the Blunt. While he didn't manage to offend too many people, some wonder if his coming out of hiding means angry Thayans, Ilmateri, Tormtar, and any other of the many organizations he has offended over the years will come knocking doors to find him again!

Finally, the Peacemarshal performed a wedding ceremony for a young couple, who were showered with flowers and petals. The festive atmosphere continued throughout the night, and the people of Essembra look forward to a prosperous spring and summer - many now mark their calendars and await the next big event in the summer!

Thanks to Lucienne for the above screenshot!
News and Announcements / Update 28 Apr 2021 (v05p98)
« Last post by ides on April 28, 2021, 05:46:34 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a nwsync download on your next login. Notable changes:

* Under the orders of High Smith Caldeen, The House of Gond has opened up their Invention Storage, hoping that young adventurers might help them with some long overdue spring cleaning!

* Adventurers travelling south along Rauthauvyr's Road will find new abandoned small manors to explore.

* New loot!

* Associates (animal companions, summons, etc.) should now hide when their master hides, provided they're not currently in combat and meet a few other conditions.

* Bounty updates, including new regional bounty boards in Ashabenford and Feather Falls. There's a lot happening with the bounty system now and in the next few updates; please report any issues via !bug.
News and Announcements / A DM has been removed
« Last post by Druie on April 17, 2021, 06:16:08 PM »
Ghost4life has abused the DM client to give his PCs items, gold, and XP.

This is utterly unfair to the rest of our player community and is against our rules. As such, he has been removed from the DM team, and all characters who benefited have been deleted.

We expect everyone in the community - both as players and Dungeon Masters - to abide by our community rules.

If you have any concerns, please direct them to me or ides.
News and Announcements / Update 17 Apr 2021 (v05p97)
« Last post by ides on April 17, 2021, 06:02:48 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a small nwsync download on your next login. Notable changes:

* Four new Innate Combat Abilities have been added. All characters have access to these.

* The old Knockdown and Disarm feats have been removed. Improved Knockdown and Improved Disarm have been changed. Characters who have already chosen these feats can choose a different feat. This offer will not expire, so take your time picking your replacement feat and contact me when you're ready.

* Two new feats have been added which improve the Feint and Demoralize Opponent abilities.

* The Whip weapon has been reimagined as the Scourge. This will also help us draw attention to the fact that its base stats have been changed. You are welcome to continue roleplaying whip users as wielding any manner of whip, scourge, or lash, and will likely find all combinations of those terms used in our item pool.

Note: I am eager to hear your feedback once you've had an opportunity to use the new Innate Combat Abilities. The intent is to add more situational tools, like Defensive Fighting, for melee combat. If spamming them becomes a valid tactic, especially without feat or skill investment, I will revisit their balance.

NPCs do not currently have access to these abilities while we work out any issues, but they will in time!
News and Announcements / Update 08 Apr 2021 (v05p96)
« Last post by ides on April 08, 2021, 04:30:11 PM »
Currently live on the server! Notable changes:

* Campsite Kits have been rebranded and rebalanced as Camping Supplies and Rations. The cooldown is now 8 in-game hours, which is roughly the same as the previous 60 real-life minutes. You can now use them in more places than before, and an exceptional success allows you to create a campsite without consuming your Camping Supplies and Rations.

* You can now examine Camping Supplies and Rations to determine the current DC to create a restful campsite. It also provides a suggestion of your likelihood to succeed.

* Athletics checks around the module should now indicate the DC and your likelihood to succeed.
Announced Events / Re: Greengrass Festival [Saturday 1 May 2021 - 2pm ET/6pm UTC ]
« Last post by Druie on April 05, 2021, 08:23:42 PM »
Here's a link to some OOC info about the festival, particularly a bigger list of deities who celebrate on this date if you want to check & incorporate this into your roleplay:
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