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Title: Greengrass Festival [Saturday 1 May 2021 - 2pm ET/6pm UTC ]
Post by: Druie on April 05, 2021, 07:55:38 PM
The spring festival, Greengrass, will be held in the Dales at the end of the month of Tarsakh, as is tradition. A festival celebrating spring, traditional customs have the wealthier people bring out flowers to give to the less wealthy, who either wear them or spread them on the ground to encourage the deities to usher in the summer.

This date is an important one for many faiths of the region: Worshipers of Chauntea celebrate this as a hedonistic fertility festival; Eldathyns gather in their groves for a holy service they call the Greening; Mielikkans observe planting rites and the Wild Ride in which they meet with herds of unicorns; Silvanites give sacrifice by breaking and burying an object constructed of wood; followers of Sune frolic outdoors; and a surprising number of dwarven faiths also consider this day special and perform their own rites and traditions.

Essembrans, as ever, will visit the expansive grounds of King Aencar's ruined castle for this event, and travelling carnivals, merchants, and other entertainers are expected to make their stop here too. Lord Jarath Burlisk, War-Chancellor of Essembra and Lord of Battledale, is expected to be in attendance with his retinue, alongside other local dignitaries. While the commonfolk will turn out to enjoy the free entertainment and fun festival treats for sale, adventurers often find delight in games of chance and prowess for gold and valuable prizes, and there is usually some canny adventurer selling rare goods or unique service pitching up a tent.

With the winds blowing sweeter and warmer every day, it promises to be a joyful occasion and a good way to let one's hair down in the first big party after the winter.

What: A public festival, open to all! Everyone is welcome to attend with their character throughout the festival day, regardless of level.

Where: In the grounds of Aencar's Keep, just south of Essembra.

When: Saturday May 1st. DM-led shenanigans will begin at 2pm ET / 6pm UTC. The festival ground will be open for use as a social/party area outside of DM-led events and you are welcome to make use of it for that purpose.

PCs are welcome (encouraged!) to put on bardic performances, religious sermons, fortune-telling, and other services. It can also be a really good opportunity to sell some of your valuable loot items you've been hanging onto!
Title: Re: Greengrass Festival [Saturday 1 May 2021 - 2pm ET/6pm UTC ]
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Here's a link to some OOC info about the festival, particularly a bigger list of deities who celebrate on this date if you want to check & incorporate this into your roleplay: