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Chronicles / Re: Peace at the Pool
« Last post by kwabbernoot on January 16, 2019, 07:54:02 PM »
The continues days small dead animals are to be found near Clarence. Now what would be the cause of that? Moreover what would be the purpose!?
Chronicles / Peace at the Pool
« Last post by Loman on January 16, 2019, 03:51:49 PM »
Many travellers to Essembra in the last few days have come into town with a similar story. Out in the Three Rivers Land, a strange glimmer of light had been seen circling high above the Pool of Yeven, keening screeches ringing out over the snow-clad landscape. Those that had braved going close enough to the Pool itself reported its surface wild and lashing, almost like the surface of a stormy sea.

Then, quite abruptly, it all stopped. An unnatural stillness seemed to spread across the pool. Where once there were crashing waves, now a falling leaf striking its surface produced barely a ripple. Deep into the middle of the lake, that pinpoint of light had come to rest and there it stayed for a number of days.

Then, one day, that point of light had streaked up into the sky once more, a shrill call echoing out across the Pool. Just behind it, a smaller, glimmering twinkle trailed in its path.

News of this story, however, was ill-received by Clarence; the poor unfortunate soul that had first come into town with news of the disturbance. Grumbling away at his fourth ale of the evening, he quietly curses that rotten Orhart, that deceitful Veslain, that untrustworthy Masil and that downright uncouth Spot!

'I told them to kill the blasted thing. Now it'll be after me, oh I just know it. Oh has there ever been as unlucky a soul as me?'
Announced Events / Re: Halcyon Daze
« Last post by ides on January 11, 2019, 06:36:16 PM »
Orhart Ravenstone, paladin 5
Announced Events / Re: Halcyon Daze
« Last post by kwabbernoot on January 10, 2019, 07:56:24 AM »
Mystery combo of classes lvl6
Announced Events / Re: Halcyon Daze
« Last post by Aldior on January 10, 2019, 12:25:58 AM »
Yes, planning to attend: Beldurin level 3 Ranger
Announced Events / Re: Halcyon Daze
« Last post by Druie on January 09, 2019, 09:25:17 AM »
I'm up for this, I just need to decide who to bring!

Will let you know asap  8)

edit: probably Veslain (rogue 3)
Announced Events / Halcyon Daze
« Last post by Loman on January 07, 2019, 09:48:13 PM »
A strange story has begun circulating the streets of Essembra of late. A traveller recently returned from the Three Rivers Land by way of the Pool of Yeven. Almost the very moment he was back in town, he stumbled into the nearest Inn, breathlessly orsdered a large ale and proceeded to tell his tale loudly and woefully to everyone inside and a few of the closer passers by in the street outside. Apparently he's been doing that every night since he's been back.

His story, so it goes, is one of great peril and fraught with danger. A bitter struggle to survive against all odds dotted with occasional references to acts of quick thinking, or great fortitude. He faced the very embodiment of winter's fury itself, but lived to tell the tale.

At least, that's the way Clarence tells it...

Who: Up to 6 PCs up to level 6

Where: Battledale - Essembra

When: Saturday January 12th, 7pm GMT / 2pm ET

Please let me know if you'd like to come along with character names, levels and classes to give me an idea of what I'm working with. All players are welcome, as are all characters, new or experienced but beware: the world is a dangerous place and it's always wise to have capable friends with you when you're out in the cold.

1.) Veslain [Rog 3] (@Druie)
2.) Beldurin [Rngr 3]  (@Aldior)
3.) Spot [Mystryclsscmbo 6] (@kwabbernoot)
4.) Orhart Ravenstone [He's such a good Pal 5] (@ides)
Announced Events / Re: Airship Wreckage - A Public Scavenger Hunt
« Last post by Druie on January 06, 2019, 08:34:37 AM »
The event finished on Friday with the server reset - I'll be catching people in-game over the next week or two with rewards :)
Chronicles / The winds of winter
« Last post by Druie on January 05, 2019, 10:35:22 PM »
Residents of the Belt report that the unseasonable windstorms that seemed centred on Hesley Freehold and the airship crashsite have abated thanks to the efforts of adventurers Clandery, Masil, and Orhart.

Supposedly the gnomish airship crew were having difficulty with some bizarre contraption which the adventurers were able to resolve - resulting in air elementals being sucked away and the natural movements of the air in the region being restored.

Notably the strange balloon attached above the airship now appears partially re-inflated.
Announced Events / Re: Breaking Wind (Sat Jan 5th 2019, 7pm GMT / 2pm ET)
« Last post by Loman on January 05, 2019, 08:36:50 AM »
Sorry, can't make it after all. I will be the dutiful son and go socialise with my pa.
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