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Building Credits
« on: September 09, 2010, 09:16:19 PM »
If anyone is missing from this list, PM Eredruie or Ides please.

Cormanthor Build Contributors (Past & Present)

Fractal (Custom Content, Areas, Items, Creatures, Scripts)
Conchobhar (Areas, Design)
Senemenelas (Areas, Models, Tilesets, Mad Science)
ShortRedandLoud (Areas, Items, Creatures)
Wraithcaller (Creatures, Familiars/Companions, Areas, Items)
GratuitousViolins (Items, Areas)
Eredruie (Areas, Items)
CapitanAwesome (Items, Areas)
Nightshade (Areas)
UnsungSymphony (Areas)
Tweek (Music compilation)
Wendigo (Head Compilation)
farhorizon (Items)
tic (Art)
Archfriend (Items, Creatures)
ahnullbahrd (Items)
ides (Stuff)

Third Party Custom Content Credits:

Senemenelas (Extended Trinity Tilesets)
Ragnarok (Animations)
Tom Banjo (Animations)
Lord of Worms (Tilesets, Creature Models)
Zwerkules (Tilesets, Placeables)
Eurgiga (Items)
Shemsu-Heru (Items, Head models)
TheBarbarian (Items)
The Mad Poet (Items)
Estelindis (Items & Icons)
TarotRedhand (Placeables & Icons)
TheBarbarian (Head models & retextures)
Ancarion (Head models, tilesets)
St4rscream (Head models)
dafena (Head models)
Xia (Head model)
helvene (Tilesets)
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