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In the wake of recent events in Feather Falls, Sir Johann d'Edoras calls together a meeting of the townsfolk (and its surrounding farms and holdings). Many Featherdarrans insist that finally, the former Purple Dragon Knight will announce his intentions of taking Feather Falls and its lands as his own - and provide support and protection to its residents when needed. Not all are thrilled with the notion of being lorded over, but as of yet few have been vocal about it. Perhaps the prospect is not so frightening, given the knight's friendly disposition.

Adventurers, curious as ever, spread the rumors through various taverns and inns. It will certainly be an opportunity to address the knight in person, and perhaps even offer ones' blades to his service, should he require adventurers for any other task...

17th of Alturiak (Thursday, February 17) -- 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT
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