Tavern Thursdays DM Events [Next up: 9/2 8:30 pm EST]

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Tavern Thursdays DM Events [Next up: 9/2 8:30 pm EST]
« on: August 18, 2021, 04:39:16 PM »

*Adventurers may remember Miss Cale's invitations to sample local alcohols, brews and wines from a new area tavern each week. It seems that the saucy sorceress hasn't been seen in some time, but her idea caught on wildly with other socialites in the Dales.

No one appears to bother with invitations- you just have to know someone who knows someone who all the people they knew decided that they now know the next tavern to meet at, you know? The next most desirable destination- which seems to change from upper to lower class establishments depending on which whispers you're closest to.

Adventurers keep their ears pricked for the news each week. When crowds gather, so does opportunity.*

Gossip tells you this week’s tavern is The Lonely Mermaid


((Consider these impromptu DM events: because I don't know who will show up, what level, if at all, I'll whip something up based on who comes or what the crowd wants to do. I am also familiarizing myself again with the client after years so I may be rusty. I strongly encourage you to go to a dungeon together or I may lure you to one- even if you are old, high level, seasoned characters that want for no gold or xp, I promise that won't be the only thing awaiting you  8)

I’ll be holding this every Thursday night, at 8:30 pm EST bring your character to drink, socialize, gossip, spy or threateningly clean your fingernails in the corner with a big knife. You’re welcome to come a little late

Level range: All
Preferred character types: All))

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