A Spring Festival, Sprung with Joy

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A Spring Festival, Sprung with Joy
« on: May 02, 2021, 04:21:29 PM »
Essembrans are buzzing after a successful Greengrass festival at the town's traditional festival grounds. Always one of the bigger festivals in the calendar, common folk and travelling visitors alike made their way to the grounds of old King Aencar's keep where the scene was set!

Lord Jarath and his retinue - including his strange ghostly servants - were in attendance to hear from the people of the Dale, while this year's catering was handled by the Bold Banners, with Sabeth Tantul providing the drinks as ever.

Popular bardess Ghara performed a song in honour of two local adventurers who have now settled in Essembra, while Pogo Bunions - beloved by the children of Essembra for his wacky antics - hosted a strange game show to the delight of the merry crowd.

As is tradition, contests of martial (and other) skill were held, with prizes from the Wyvernblade collection of historic and curious relics. Of these contests,

  • Amyvain won the archery in a decisive display of skill.
  • Nevena bested two men to take the brawl prize.
  • Baranya surprised the crowd by beating a dwarf in the pie-eating contest.

Much gossip is now had, too, as people espied the famed Sembian matchmaker Tempestra Glimmerfeather at the event, introducing herself to Jarath and taking the details of many of the pretty girls attending. Is the War-Chancellor seeking to take a wife? Will he marry a local girl or some Sembian noble?

Others report a sighting of the infamous 'Sage on the Run', Zeboaster the Blunt. While he didn't manage to offend too many people, some wonder if his coming out of hiding means angry Thayans, Ilmateri, Tormtar, and any other of the many organizations he has offended over the years will come knocking doors to find him again!

Finally, the Peacemarshal performed a wedding ceremony for a young couple, who were showered with flowers and petals. The festive atmosphere continued throughout the night, and the people of Essembra look forward to a prosperous spring and summer - many now mark their calendars and await the next big event in the summer!

Thanks to Lucienne for the above screenshot!
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