Update 28 Apr 2021 (v05p98)

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Update 28 Apr 2021 (v05p98)
« on: April 28, 2021, 05:46:34 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a nwsync download on your next login. Notable changes:

* Under the orders of High Smith Caldeen, The House of Gond has opened up their Invention Storage, hoping that young adventurers might help them with some long overdue spring cleaning!

* Adventurers travelling south along Rauthauvyr's Road will find new abandoned small manors to explore.

* New loot!

* Associates (animal companions, summons, etc.) should now hide when their master hides, provided they're not currently in combat and meet a few other conditions.

* Bounty updates, including new regional bounty boards in Ashabenford and Feather Falls. There's a lot happening with the bounty system now and in the next few updates; please report any issues via !bug.
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