Update 17 Apr 2021 (v05p97)

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Update 17 Apr 2021 (v05p97)
« on: April 17, 2021, 06:02:48 PM »
Currently live on the server! There will be a small nwsync download on your next login. Notable changes:

* Four new Innate Combat Abilities have been added. All characters have access to these.

* The old Knockdown and Disarm feats have been removed. Improved Knockdown and Improved Disarm have been changed. Characters who have already chosen these feats can choose a different feat. This offer will not expire, so take your time picking your replacement feat and contact me when you're ready.

* Two new feats have been added which improve the Feint and Demoralize Opponent abilities.

* The Whip weapon has been reimagined as the Scourge. This will also help us draw attention to the fact that its base stats have been changed. You are welcome to continue roleplaying whip users as wielding any manner of whip, scourge, or lash, and will likely find all combinations of those terms used in our item pool.

Note: I am eager to hear your feedback once you've had an opportunity to use the new Innate Combat Abilities. The intent is to add more situational tools, like Defensive Fighting, for melee combat. If spamming them becomes a valid tactic, especially without feat or skill investment, I will revisit their balance.

NPCs do not currently have access to these abilities while we work out any issues, but they will in time!
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