The Reinvention of the House of Gond

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The Reinvention of the House of Gond
« on: January 31, 2021, 10:09:01 PM »
Essembra is abuzz following a gathering at the House of Gond. For over 40 years the temple has not been very welcoming - its high priest working in the back rooms on all sorts of crazy inventions and bizarre projects. Following his death this winter, as age finally caught up with him, his former assistant Caldeen has been promoted. And confirmed by the High Artificer based in the father-church in Lantan, too!

The Techsmith Ringo Faldspan - the halfling who rode into town on the shoulders of a mechanical man only a few days before - gave a speech in memory of the deceased High priest Gulmarin Reldacap and announced the promotion of Caldeen to the high office. As part of her own speech, Caldeen promised to run the temple in a more open and welcoming way, fostering the spirit of invention among visitors and neighbours. Immediately setting to work, she was heard making dealings with a dwarven prospector and announcing to others that the temple will be selling some useful goods. Likewise, local worthies such as Durn the famed blacksmith, Battle-Chaplain Sannaller of Tempus, Peacemarshal Fiosane, and War-Chancellor Jarath came to lend their support. Personal words of support were given by the Tempurans, who were keen to cooperate in the development of war-machines and siege engines.

With the temple officially under new leadership, the craftsfolk of Essembra seem buoyed with optimistic cheer even as the heavy winter snow blankets the town and adventurers are keen to see if the Gondites have any particularly interesting products to offer them.
Her skin is pale, her eyes are red,
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