A Feast for Dragons [Open - Sun 31 May, 2pm ET / 6pm UTC]

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A Feast for Dragons [Open - Sun 31 May, 2pm ET / 6pm UTC]
« on: May 26, 2020, 08:24:48 PM »
"Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Sir Johann d'Edoras, Warden of Featherdale, Lord-Protector of Feather Falls, has called for a feast!

On this, the third anniversary of that great battle whereupon he and his noble companions laid low Thraxata The Red, the Scourge of Sessrendale, The Dragonslayer invites all noble hearts to join him in revelry!

String up your instruments and prepare your songs! Brew your best ale and prepare your finest pies! No expense will be spared compensating those who help make a most joyous occasion!"

Amidst the news, much fuss is made of the fact that Lord d'Edoras is still a bachelor, and the fate that befell Battledale when War-Chancellor Ilmeth passed without heir. It is said that Tempestra Glimmerfeather, The Matchmaker of Sembia, will be in attendance, along with Lords, Ladies, and daughters from as far as Sembia and the Moonsea! Could this be the debut of the future Lady d'Edoras?

Who: Any and all; bards, eligible noble women, and interested Dragonguard-to-be are especially encouraged to attend

What: A feast! This is primarily a social event

Where: Lord d'Edoras' keep, in Feather Falls

When: Festivities commence at 2pm ET / 6pm UTC on Sunday, May 31
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