Gorgon-stoned soldier recovered from the forest!

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Gorgon-stoned soldier recovered from the forest!
« on: March 16, 2020, 07:46:58 PM »
And so the story told in the taverns goes...

The rag tag crew begins with the Elvish Druid Elaran, Witchy Raz and Wolf Shape Sigrun (who lives in a Cave and predicts an Omen). They happened upon a Ranger named Fairclough (though no one could pronounce his name right )...outside the Watchful Eye Inn in Essembra. Raz was making graffiti (alleged) as Fairclough came out and commented on her actions. Thus be how it began:

After much parlay and bargaining with the Ranger.. a new Rag Tag crew was organized consisting of a wagon and a few local labourers. While our heroes were at first concerned with body odour the "help" they hired may pose a risk to their long journey adventure, it proved a boon, as perhaps their odour repelled any other wandering beasts, as they closed in on their quarry.

So - The statue remained as it was, so many days ago. Yes, the birds were there, and scattered as the crew approached. Chirping and sounding an alarm perhaps. Work was ordered right away to use the beasts of burden and pulleys to haul the horse man statue into the wagon. No chipping was allowed!  Just then, a giant Baboon Monkey creature bounded from behind the undergrowth, snarling and waving massive arms about. The Party were taken by surprise and before they could act, the Ape began to "hug" the statue.

Thus having found the frozen statue of Dylaan, the orders were given. Then that Ape appeared. Shock, Surprise, yes, some wet their pants.

As the giant grotesque Ape hugged the statue possessively. Elaran the Druid, seeing this action as a sign of non-violence, used his ancient knowledge of druidic sign language to communicate with the Gorilla. "We are friends," he signed excitedly. The giant beast looked over at the druid, maybe understanding his hands waving about, maybe thinking the puny elf was giving himself up for sacrifice. Either way, it seemingly was enough of a distraction for the Witch Raz, and Wolf Shaman Sigrun to put the beast out of its misery. Elaran cried out "He was almost my friend!" But alas, too late.

The labourers, stood by stunned, but were quickly put back to work. The statue, gingerly placed on the wagon using union grade furniture blankets. (The help were very excited about using the aforementioned blankets), and the rag tag crew thusly travelled to the Half-Axe Trail, to meet up with the Ranger Fairclough. As promised, the cave of the ancient Basilisk, ruled by the Rangers, provided the cure that had befell, the curse of The Gorgon warrior.  The End.

Kind thanks to @Shug for this wonderful write up of the event as a tavern-tale :)
Her skin is pale, her eyes are red,
Her leaden voice commands the dead,
To rise and stand beside their dreadful queen.
No mortal power escapes her thrall,
Her hunger will consume us all,
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