Update 14 Mar 2020 (v05p43)

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Update 14 Mar 2020 (v05p43)
« on: March 14, 2020, 03:03:42 PM »
Currently live on the server and will require a nwsync update. Notable changes:

* Defensive Fighting has been added to all characters, as a basic combat mode. Toggling it on grants a character +2 AC at the cost of -4 AB. It cannot be combined with other combat modes, such as Expertise or Power Attack, and casting spells will prevent you from using it for approximately two rounds.

* Sudden Metamagic feats have been added, specifically Sudden Empower, Sudden Extend, and Sudden Maximize. Once per day, they allow you to apply the given metamagic to the next spell cast. Sudden metamagic cannot be combined with any other form of metamagic, including other versions of sudden metamagic. The feats can be toggled on and off at will, and are only consumed by casting a compatible spell while the mode is activated.

For a limited time I will allow characters to swap an existing spellcasting feat for a sudden metamagic feat. Please PM me with your character's name and the feat you would like to swap. I will process them as time allows.

* Assassins & Blackguards have been given UI spellbooks. Upon your first rest, all feat-based spells will be converted to engine spells. You will need to be on a development build (8193.6 or later) to see these spells or select them at level-up.

If this causes any issues, please report them as a bug. I am aware that crafting does not (yet) work with assassin or blackguard spells.

* Ferocity has not been changed, but halforcs now get a passive feat which provides & describes the ability.

* Our custom music is now provided via nwsync and no longer needs to be downloaded separately.

* Finally, I added a !bug command to help you report bugs from ingame.
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