Quest - Curse of the Gorgon

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Quest - Curse of the Gorgon
« on: March 12, 2020, 11:41:33 PM »
Recently, a noble and talented warrior by the name of Dylaan, was surprised by a wandering Gorgon in the Tangled Vales. Accompanied by Elaran the Druid, and Raz the Witch. The Gorgon did not waste time in turning poor Dylaan to stone. Despite all herbal remedies, and spells they could not reverse the curse. Word has now traveled through the Dales, and a need for a powerful mage is requested to help. Time is of the essence, as the local bird life have now found a perch for which they can defecate on.
((This is a time sensitive quest, appealing to those players and DM's that can help us out - we will accommodate time zones to make this work, thanks in advance to all who can help!))