Update 21 Nov 2019 (v05p35)

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Update 21 Nov 2019 (v05p35)
« on: November 21, 2019, 06:58:57 PM »
Currently live on the server and will require a small nwsync update. Notable changes:

* Autumn has arrived!

* Medium & Heavy armor rebalancing. Chainmail / Breastplate is now 5/3. Banded Mail is now 6/2. I've also adjusted weight, arcane spell failure, and armor check penalty for these armors - generally in the wearer's favor.

* Item cost rebalancing. Items that drop from similar pools should now be closer to each other in value, for example: large mithral shield is worth substantially less than before, +2 skill items and wearable accessories in general are worth more. There will likely be more economy tweaks coming, and I'm interested in item value feedback (both for individual items and the drop pools you encounter in dungeons in general.)

* There is a new Minion Command Feat, given to all characters at login. More ways to acquire minions are planned for all classes.

* The AFK & Diceroll widgets will be removed from your inventory at login to free up space; they were replaced by instant-cast feats of the same name earlier this year.
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