Shadows Rising in the South

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Shadows Rising in the South
« on: September 22, 2019, 09:20:33 AM »
Kandel woke from a dark, disturbing dream in the Oaknoll Common Room to Shadows flowing all over the walls.  Uncovering his shield and letting the light shine, he saw nothing but the bunks and walls of the room.  Once  his heart stopped racing, he began praying for guidance from the Enduring One.

There was one clear message he had been given, and that was a direction: South by Southwest.

Who: Anyone, 8th level & above.

When: Wednesday 2nd October, 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

Where: Battle Court, Essembra

This is an open player-led event organised by @goatte (Kandel) so please hit them up if you have questions :)
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Her skin is pale, her eyes are red,
Her leaden voice commands the dead,
To rise and stand beside their dreadful queen.
No mortal power escapes her thrall,
Her hunger will consume us all,
And even now I hear her call: Jolene

Re: Shadows Rising in the South
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2019, 07:21:08 PM »
(The storyline continues)

Kandel rode Southwest out of Oaknoll to Hap, where he stopped and bought a blue rose 🌹 from the “flower lady.”

He asked her if she had heard of Shadows in the area, but she replied that the temple to Lathander protected the village.  She added that there may be Shadows in Blackfeather Bridge.

Kandel smiled his pain-twisted smile to her in thanks and rode South. 

Arriving riding several hours to Blackfeather and stabling his horse, Ash, with the trader, Kandel spoke with Rufus the Drunk, who swayed constantly on his stool.  However, Rufus could only manage to mumble about a key to the common room, for which Kandel paid and put to use by praying for guidance. 

In the middle of his prayer, Kandel heard the word “West.”

Looking about and finding no one else in the room, Kandel decided to ask about Western shadows in the tavern nearby.

After completing his prayer, Kandel approached the bartender to ask if he had heard of any shadows to the West. 

Starting slightly, the bartender looked the scarred priest up and down a moment before answering, “What are you hunting, priest?”

“I am ‘sent’ by the Enduring One to find shadows to the West.”

After waiting for more from the priest, bartender replies, “The old mine.  Don’t enter it alone if you would live to see the next day.”

Kandel nods solemnly in thanks and asks for directions.

The bartender sighs and answers “Follow the Ashabenford East until you come to the foot bridge to the South bank.  The mine is in the hills just West of there.  And may your patron watch over you.”  Once Kandel turns towards the door, the bartender mumbles “damned fools” under his breath.

Kandel nods solemnly in thanks and walks out of the tavern, taking an apple from his pack.