Update 24 Feb 2019 (v05p24)

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Update 24 Feb 2019 (v05p24)
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:46:47 PM »
Currently live on the server. You will experience a smallish nwsync download on your first login. Notable changes:

* New Domains. More details here.

* It is no longer possible to delevel from respawn.

* Death now occurs when you bleed to -100, instead of -10, to make immediate overkills a bit less common. Bleeding now occurs in increments of -10 instead of -1. Stabilizing can be done by healing above 0, healing more than a character took in damage the last turn, or using a healkit. This is a bit of a triage until the bleed system gets some in-depth TLC.

* Adds the Ironbrand Encampment to Featherdale, a forward post for the Ironbrand Tribe appropriate for groups of 3-5 characters of level 3-6.
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