Crash of the Skyship!

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Crash of the Skyship!
« on: December 23, 2018, 12:04:47 PM »
Not long after the first snows arrive, Dalesfolk wake to a strange humming sound passing over them in the sky and strange lights bouncing off the clouds, and a rain of strange objects falling with great clattering upon roofs, roads, and into streams and forest canopy.

Where the sky is clear and one has the presence of mind to look, a great ship -a gaping hole rent in its side- can be seen careening through the air - bobbing erratically at speed and struggling to stay aloft at first before it lists and begins a long descent toward Battledale's Belt region. Farmsteaders claim it cut a swathe through woodland, cutting off the tops of many trees and causing many to fall, before at last it struck a barn (setting the building alight!) and finally crashed into the side of a small hill - the impact of which formed quite a crater and destroyed a portion of arable land at Hesley Freehold.

Dalelanders are baffled - such craft are exceedingly rare and not often spotted, and for one to come down in such a fashion is truly calamitous for Battledale's farmers. In the meantime, the Lord's Men have advised commonfolk to keep their distance as the dangers of the crash site are yet unknown!
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