Slave labour revealed in Mistledale - a troupe of Halflings freed!

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Rumour has it that the Guild of Alchemists in Essembra called for some help investigating irregularities in a supply of reagents - it is said that someone had been inscribing 'help us' into several large leaves hidden in the middle of sheafs of produce that found its way into the Guild's storeroom.

Adventurers including the halflings Riggo and Billy, the elf Rethan, Einar the huntsman, and the paladin Orhart answered the call and travelled to Mistledale to investigate.

Gossip travels between dales and towns, but after a visit to Iletian Blackeagle of Black Eagle Coster in Ashabenford, the group paused at the Velvet Veil and then made their way toward the hamlets of Mistlebrook and Mistletarn apparently in search of a kidnapper. What transpired is not generally known, save that it seems a halfling troupe had been kidnapped and put to work in a cellar - their small hands best placed to deal with the fine work of preparing the plant matter for alchemical use. The party slew the ringleader; a man of Voonlar with a Mistran mistress whose very home he had been using for his slave labour, and the traumatised hinfolk were released to freedom and provided with the means to get back on their feet.

The Guild of Alchemists are praised for their wish to investigate the matter, and appear to now be soliciting quotations from other suppliers for some of their reagents. The adventurers receive approving nods and smiles from hinfolk who have yet heard the tale.
"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."