Rotten business in the forest

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Rotten business in the forest
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:23:33 AM »
Rumour has it that a group of adventurers - the mage Masil, ranger Beldurin, the halfling Billy, knight Orhart, and Red Knight priest Baranya - were called upon by Beluar, one of the Mailed Mantle ghosts to see to a troubling development in the forest from the days of Aencar.

Tales tell that a powerful servant of Moander was defeated by Aencar and magically imprisoned by his elven allies, but the spirit became restless with time and now powerful enough to tempt mortals into helping it to escape. The group found the cave, deep in the Encircling Wood, and delved past the remnants of elven guardians and the undead remnants of Aencar's battle, to discover a small cadre of Talona cultists attempting to break the elven wards.

From what has been overheard told in Essembra, the Talontar high priestess was slain with all her lackeys, thankfully before the wards could be broken. The adventurers are believed to have sealed the cave system behind them and are keeping the exact location secret for obvious reasons. Perhaps notably, an elf-blooded diplomat was dispatched from Wyvernblade Keep, supposedly to elven lands.

In the meantime, adventurers are cautioned to keep an eye out for Talontar activity in the forest. While this small cult cell was destroyed, there is no telling what others may be abroad.
"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."