The Green Dog? - and a warning to animal handlers!

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The Green Dog? - and a warning to animal handlers!
« on: November 19, 2018, 01:22:22 PM »
Rumour has it that a group of adventurers were hired by a young elf to track down his missing hound. It is said that the elf got a bit of a dressing down from a Tempuran named Harding after admitting he hadn't stayed to fight when his friends were killed, but it seems all's well that ends well, as the group; Harding, Tanya, Foxglove, Billy, Almyth, Rethan, and Beldurin, returned from a jaunt into the Belt with a happy green & brown-spotted dog in tow. The elf was reunited with his beloved hound (who was just as happy to see him) and the group visibly and nobly declined the elf's meagre possessions that he had offered in payment.

Word from the road suggests that the small group of elves were attacked not far from the Red Knight statue and the hound was taken by a group of bandits. Some say that the brigands were hired by Red Wizards (of all things!) to capture strange Cormanthyrian beasts to order, and that those with exotic pets should take extra care!
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