Fire in the sky

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Fire in the sky
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:17:39 AM »
A few days ago, Mistrans report seeing a line of fire streak out in the sky somewhere north of Ashabenford. The line of fire seemed to disappear into the distance, bringing no troubles to Mistran folk, and some consider it an omen for the coming winter.

At the same time, as people rushed to their windows to look, a sunburnt and bandaged man in Ashabenford's White Hart was heard to be cursing in an unknown language. He paid his outstanding bill (and more - such was the quality of his gold) and apparently waved a wand at the inn's fireplace causing the flames to grow unnaturally. Much panic began to flare until the man calmly stepped into the fire and... disappeared! The flames of the fireplace returned to their usual height and quality and, while odd, the folk in the inn quickly got back to their beers with no further incident.

Are these happenings related? Few know for sure, but the traveller didn't wait for the adventurers he hired to return from their quest seeking a criminal for him. As for the origin of the streak of fire, the Riders of Mistledale investigated and found only a farmstead that had been used as a base camp for a group of brigands - all slain to the last man.
"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."