The New Lord of Battledale

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The New Lord of Battledale
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:43:03 AM »
Essembran citizens, Battledarran merchants, traveling Dalesfolk and many adventurers gathered on the 22nd of Eleint in the orchard gardens beside Wyvernblade Keep in Essembra for an announcement by Peacemarshal Fiosane and Abbey First-Sword Jarath Burlisk. Expectations were that Battledale would have a new War-Chancellor by dusk.

Peacemarshal Fiosane announced that she was stepping aside, leaving Jarath Burlisk as the sole claimant. This warranted some gasps of surprise from adventurers in particular, as many had favoured her. However, to the relief of many, she insisted that she was to retain her office as Peacemarshal to the new lord and to serve just as she had Lord Ilmeth.

Jarath Burlisk then made his speech to the assembled, and after being subject to some doubt about his legitimacy, proved to all that he possessed the right to rule. He brought forth a great mace of Elven make (retrieved from the depths of Aencar's ruined keep) and with it called forth several spirits who once served his ancestor in the Mailed Mantle - a spectacle that elicited great surprise and shock from the assembled! Thus was Jarath Burlisk's blood connection to the Mantled King proven, and a new founding of the Mailed Mantle company announced. Lord Jarath now seeks capable and loyal men and women to join his personal retinue under the banner of the Mailed Mantle, for the first time since 1044 DR.

There is a more positive mood among Essembran townsfolk now - thanks to a young and virile new Lord, a capable administrator in his service, and the promise of security, prosperity and greatness as came to Battledale under the rule of Aencar Burlisk himself three hundred years ago.

And four strange ghosts that don't seem keen to leave.
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"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."