His Long Hunt Ended

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His Long Hunt Ended
« on: September 07, 2018, 05:21:44 AM »
In recent days Swordcaptain Ryman Whiteshield returned to Essembra to assemble a force of Men-at-Arms under his command, hired mercenaries and seasoned adventurers. They departed to put an end to the Black Archer that has terrorized the people of Battledale for months.

In a few days time they returned from their hunt though fewer in numbers. The sellswords were nowhere to be seen but the adventurers were all accounted for. The Lord's Men seemed shaken and bloodied by the affair but still living save for their leader the Swordcaptain himself, slain by the very Archer he had pursued for so long. Essembra's Men-at-Arms carried their fallen commander through the township in the night and on towards Aencar's Watch.

In the days that follow, a well traversed road in northern Battledale often haunted by highwaymen, and reputedly the Black Archer himself, seems to have grown safer due to the actions of those who followed Whiteshield though at a heavy cost. While the Black Archer himself continues his rampage across the dale there are hushed whispers among Essembrans that the late Whiteshield will yet see justice for his murder.
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