Trouble Within, Trouble Without

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Trouble Within, Trouble Without
« on: September 02, 2018, 06:14:06 AM »
Word reaches Essembra that tragedy has struck the rest of Battledale and rumors speak of similar incidents occurring elsewhere in the Dalelands. Swordcaptains Whiteshield and Bloodhorn, along with their Men-at-Arms, have come into conflict with roving hordes of walking corpses that threaten villages around Battledale. Although the Lord's Men appear to have been pre-emptively alerted to the danger and acted decisively, their efforts around Battledale have met with mixed success as their numbers were spread just too thin. It seems for every village that the Lord's Men managed to defend, another has been overrun by the encroaching undead.

A handful members of the Lord's Men have been felled by the undead and more return to Essembra wounded. It is as of yet unknown how many Battledarrans may have perished at the hands of the undead but many more have become displaced after fleeing their homes. A handful of refugees that have safely made their way to Essembra speak of a rather gruff dwarven woman that helped the Lord's Men save their home from these undead monstrosities. The danger has not passed however as those same refugees tell stories of the remaining hordes still roaming from village to village, in search for the living, and they remain hopeful that adventurers in Battledale will take up the sword to combat this sudden menace.

Meanwhile it seems that trouble has been brewing within Essembra herself. A recent night saw a riot break out at the Old Hoof Mill, where victims of the recent plague were being kept in quarantine. Men-at-Arms, prisoners and plague victims alike were found slain inside the Old Hoof while many more appear to have absconded to whereabouts unknown. Swordmajor Murvag Cask has a number of new bounties issued by order of Swordcaptain Valary Greaves for several escaped prisoners now wanted for crimes against Battledale and its people.

Perhaps more concerning however is that the Ilmateri priest from Harrowdale, Kosef Marsk, who had attended the recent gathering of healers and alchemists and had been working tirelessly to treat the afflicted, went missing during the incident at the Old Hoof. As one of the few who had proven capable of treating the sickness, this bodes ill for the future of those who are still diseased. Therefore a reward has been offered to any who might find him and bring him back to Essembra safely.
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Re: Trouble Within, Trouble Without
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Clandery was asleep after his adventure in the Shadow Plane. His dreams plagued with what he saw there. A part of him knew that he was dreaming as on this plane, his plane he was blind. Suddenly an urgent knock and a fellow guild member rushed in with the news that there had been a riot at the Old Hoof Mill. And that Kosef Marsk was missing.

The old man sat on the edge of the bed reaffirming the guild member that that was what he had been asking, to inform him as soon as possible when there be news concerning Essembra. After the guild member left his quarters he splashed some water in his face, ran a hand through his beard and hair, muttered some more, got dressed and made his way to the kitchen. He drank a few glasses of water and with some food in hand he tried to make his way to the Old Hoof Mill. Kosef Marsk missing he thought. He had taken a liking for the Ilmateran priest.

A thought crossed his mind.. at least that soul was set free from the Devourer on the colourless plane. Somehow that trapped soul helped them to achieve their goal. Or that was what he wanted to believe. He continued the walk aided by his staff and the sound of his raven familiar.



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Re: Trouble Within, Trouble Without
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2018, 08:01:12 PM »
After her sortie in the woods with Swordmajor Hurgurn and his men, Brynnar stops for only one night in quarters at the Watchful Eye - large volumes of restorative Ale seemingly her chief concern.

On the morrow, freshly shaved but typically taciturn she returns to assist the Lord's Men again in their efforts to contain the undead scourge - for modest coin and the promise of Arglary.
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Re: Trouble Within, Trouble Without
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 03:56:23 AM »
Barely an evening's meal and a night's sleep was to be had at the banners upon her arrival back in the Prime Material. Idabelle slept, and slept soundly, at least for a few hours. She was awoken early by the hustle and bustle both inside and out. The Banners was a known resting spot for the upper rung of Lord's Men, those that could afford its lodgings, for the proximity to the keep.

She ran a brush through unruly hair, dressed, and took her staff from its resting place upon the door to face the day. Soon enough, news of the undead, encroaching now more than on past patrols, and of the riot at the Mill as well as the disappearance of Kossef Marsk reached her ears as well.

'Too soon after' she thought, wistfully. 'Not enough time to rest'.

With a twist of her staff, she moved to find her returned Swordmajor, and await further instruction.