Chasing Shadows: The Doctor's Demise

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Chasing Shadows: The Doctor's Demise
« on: September 02, 2018, 12:48:07 AM »
A rumour swiftly runs like wildfire through the Lord's Men and the populace of Essembra -

Melsany Trinder and the assassin Keziah have been killed!

Guild member Clandery, Lord's Men Idabelle Almonte and Jonas Verlon, and adventurers Shea Miller and Coralyn Durothil were said to be involved - some say the party ventured to the very Plane of Shadows itself to hunt down the elusive renegade doctor, facing all kinds of grave and terrible evils before meeting and besting the duo.

With the tale told to Peacemarshal Fiosane and arrangements being made by her almost immediatley, few doubt that there must be some truth to the rumours. At last, Battledale's beloved Lord Ilmeth's soul may rest easy for he has been avenged!

And maybe, just maybe, the Lordship of Essembra is soon to be decided for good, and a dark chapter in Battledale's history can be closed at long last.
"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."