Cold-Blooded Capitalism

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Cold-Blooded Capitalism
« on: August 25, 2018, 03:02:32 PM »
For two days now, Adderposts has been closed; its boor is boarded up and a watchman stands sentry outside. It is said, though many discuss this in the quietest whispers, that some kind of terrible activity was taking place beneath the shop, unbeknownst to all.

It is said that a band of adventurers was seen entering the cellar and many claim the group was made up of Averen, Eva, Frederick, Masil, Bran and Coralyn. This intrepid band descended into the depths of the cellar and were gone for quite some considerable time. It was not long after this that Adderposts locked its doors for the night, never to reopen.

When at last the group made their way back to the surface, it was in the company of Rhannon Manycoats, who had been seen collected by members of this party and escorted down into the depths. The group looked very much the worse for wear, sporting a large number of cuts and bruises and some looked as though they barely clung to life.

Rhannon herself remains very tight-lipped about the entire affair and it's obvious that she expects the adventurers involved to do the same. But no matter how tightly one guards tongues, rumours always find a way. Whispers at the back of taverns and told in confidence to smiling companions in festhalls speak of people going missing in the dead of night, last seen having entered the shop. That Duskar was involved in far more than simple black market trading as had been the grandest suspicions of the past.

All people know for certain is that the shop remains closed and Duskar, nor, strangely, his daughters, have been seen since. Whispered words pass between solemnly nodding men over their cups.

The Serpent Never Sleeps...
But just think how cute he will look with a little saddle and stirrups.