Internment and Grave Robberies

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Internment and Grave Robberies
« on: August 16, 2018, 03:03:51 AM »
A strange sickness has been noticed to be spreading around the Dalelands. While it has until recently gone mostly unmentioned these past weeks, due to being seemingly harmless, it has now begun to grow threatening as physical symptoms and more dire consequences become apparent. Those afflicted, who previously had merely been exhausted or bedridden, have begun to develop bullous sores on their bodies and several people have already been found dead in their homes due to this malady, among them some of those who had previously been reported missing as rumors have it.

Within Essembra herself, Battledale's transitory council of three has ordered the afflicted to be rounded up and brought to the Old Hoof Mill for quarantine until a cure can be found and their will is enforced by the Lord's Men. While the affliction does not appear as infectious as the dragon plague that Essembrans endured in 1374 DR, the custodians of Battledale do not appear to be taking any chances. Despite the best intentions of their leaders, some Battledarrans do not appear to be taking kindly to being treated as criminals. Word from neighboring dales is that similar cautionary measures have been taken by their respective authorities where the sickness is discovered.

Rumors reach Essembra that there have been a number of grave robberies happening around the Dales, including Battledale. Crypts and graveyards have been raided and the bodies of the departed stolen from their place of rest. Bounties are posted for the capture of these grave robbers.
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