A Shadow Falls Across the Vale - And Is Lifted!

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A Shadow Falls Across the Vale - And Is Lifted!
« on: August 10, 2018, 10:20:49 PM »
Word spreads that a deep shadow fell across part of the Vale of Lost Voices recently, blocking out the moon and stars in one particular part of the ancient forest...

A group, sent there at the behest of wily Rhannon Manycoats in search of the renegade Doctor, are said to have discovered deep shadows infiltrating one of the elven tombs! Rumour has it that the band did indeed find Melsany Trinder and one of her allies down there, desecrating the resting place of the elves and conjuring all kinds of dark magicks - and that they were able to put paid to the wickedness through luck and teamwork!

Mhurren, Adaldrida, Coralyn, Sagrat and Jard then returned to Essembra and headed straight to Rhannon with only information - sadly not with the red-haired Doctor's decapitated head in hand. The hunt continues, but the rest of the buried elves is undisturbed once more.
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"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."