To Choose A Lord

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To Choose A Lord
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:35:49 AM »
A meeting of merchants and other influencers was held by Peacemarshal Fiosane at the Bold Banners in Essembra recently. The topic of the meeting? Who shall rule now that heirless Ilmeth has died. Essembran observers note that this meeting was preceeded by a company of Tempurans riding in from the Abbey of the Sword and making themselves a part of the street furniture around Old Town.

Foremost at the packed meeting was the matter of how the lordship should be decided, and several candidates were put forward.

Gorym 'Brightshield' Harndrekker, acting Priest-General of the Abbey of the sword naturally put forward the Abbey's champion - Jarath 'The Mantled' Burlisk - a man in this 30s who claims to be descended from Aencar Burlisk, the true king of Battledale.

Swordcaptain Birvon Bloodhorn, leader of Arandur Company of the Lord's Men, threw his weight behind Swordcaptain Ryman Whiteshield, leader of the Golden Company of the Lord's Men. While not a claimant by blood, Capt. Whiteshield is well-respected by Battledarrans for his company's efforts to keep the roads and hinterlands safe.

Idabelle Almonte, of Arandur Company and known by the farmers of Essembra's surrounds, suggested that Peacemarshal Fiosane Ambercrown herself would make a fine lord - for the Peacemarshal has been successfully guiding Essembra through these difficult times by continuing to manage the treasury and civil affairs as she did under Ilmeth's rule.

Finally, the stranger Jard Steelhand of Daggerdale (or was it Teshendale?) put himself forward. While his doomsaying did not sit well with Essembrans, he appeared determined to prove his claim.

Ultimately, after much discussion, it was decided that for the next month the three local contenders will form a council - Jarath Burlisk, Ryman Whiteshield, and Fiosane Ambercrown - in order to see to the transition of the next lord, whomsoever that may be after the month is done.

In the meantime, each has a method to stake their claim;
  • Jarath Burlisk must prove his legitimacy as heir of Aencar the Mantled King in order to be awarded rightful kingship.
  • Ryman Whiteshield must put paid to the Black Archer plaguing the countryside at long last.
  • Fiosane Ambercrown (And Jard, too, if he means to have his claim taken seriously) must bring to justice the traitor Melsany Trinder.

While the three main candidates are well known by folk of Battledale, adventurers might consider who they wish to support - as each may call upon adventurers and freelancers to help them in their tasks.
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