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Required Downloads
« on: September 10, 2010, 11:03:38 PM »
(new) If you use Steam, you can subscribe to our haks via Steam Workshop here: (new)

Note that our workshop page includes only the minimum required files for now, so you may still want to get the optional extras below.

Manual Download (You do not need these these you've subscribed via Steam.)


For brand new players who need everything. This is identical to what is posted to Steam Workshop.

Cormanthor All-In-One [1.1 GB]

la carte

For players who just need a recent update, or want separate, smaller downloads.

The following files must be extracted to your Neverwinter Nights\hak\ directory:

Cormanthor 2DA [1 MB]  (Upd. 15 April '18)  (More info)
Cormanthor Creatures [167 MB]
Cormanthor Items [84 MB]
Cormanthor Misc [49 MB]
Cormanthor Phenotypes [17 MB]
Cormanthor Placeables [258 MB]
(new) Cormanthor Player [69 MB]  (new) Upd. 5 May '18 
Cormanthor Tilesets [209 MB]
Seasonal Trinity Patch [860 KB]
Seasonal Trinity Tilesets [202 MB]
Sen's Outerior Tileset [19 MB]
Cold Field Tileset [17 MB]
Thunderpeaks Tileset [17 MB]

The following file must be extracted to your Neverwinter Nights\tlk\ directory:
Cormanthor Tlk [48 KB]

Optional Extras

The following optional file may be extracted to your Neverwinter Nights\music\ directory:
Cormanthor Music Pack [217 MB]

The following optional files may be extracted to your Neverwinter Nights\override\ directory:
Baldur's Gate spellcasting sounds [2330  KB]
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