The End of an Era - A Lord Laid to Rest

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The End of an Era - A Lord Laid to Rest
« on: July 28, 2018, 04:56:38 PM »
Three days of summer heat are marked by the comings and goings of lordly folk in Essembra; carriages with uniformed escorts and riders with gay standards and plumed helms.

From the north come Riders of Mistledale with a carriage bearing High Councillor Heresk Malorn, followed by Randal Morn of Daggerdale and his Freedom Riders, and later Shaerl Amcathra - wife of the Lord of Shadowdale - with no entourage but the company of legendary Storm Silverhand herself.

From the south come the Dragonguard of Featherdale in their red wyrm tabards, Ser Johann d’Edoras at their head; as well as Theremen Ulath and his half-elven archers of Deepingdale, the Grand Mairshar of Tasseldale and her Mairshars, one of the Burghers of Harrowdale accompanied by a group of Gray Riders, and an appointed representative of the Swords of Archendale with his escort.

The last arrival is Khelvos Dermmen - the Provisional Governor of Scardale - who arrives with a comparatively small band of grim-faced Scarfolk all young enough that they certainly did not serve in Lashan’s War.

These Dales Council representatives are housed only a few nights in Essembra - quickly it becomes clear that this is a state funeral, and the Dales come to pay their final respects to Ilmeth; one of their own who was often looked to for his sound and honest counsel, and for his keen military mind.

It is the morning after their arrivals that they gather in the orchard gardens of Aencar’s Watch, a large and noble group in official regalia in the summer sunshine as Overblade Redcrest of Oaknoll intones the Helmite funerary rites. Even with the reassuringly bright days since the Long Night, there is a somber mood across all of Old Town. Banners fly half-mast, and each of the Dales representatives in turn give their speeches; here lies a man of honour, here lies a staunch ally, here lies a defender of the Dales.

The absence of Ilmeth is now, a week later, beginning to be keenly felt. The Dales escorts are nervy - all assembled in one leaderless town as they are - and so many armed men and women thusly make the people of Essembra nervy in turn. Yet, the groups filter out of Essembra almost as suddenly as they arrive - bid farewell by Peacemarshal Fiosane and the Swordcaptain Ryman Whiteshield of the Lord’s Men. Nary three days have passed since their arrival and suddenly all is once again quiet.

Ilmeth Wyvernblade has been laid to rest, marking the true end of an era; the death both of the Wyvernblade bloodline and the legacy of Aencar the Mantled King.

… or does it?
"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."