Update 27 Jul 2018 (v05p15)

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Update 27 Jul 2018 (v05p15)
« on: July 28, 2018, 05:27:03 AM »
Currently live on the server. Notable changes:

(new) Added the Lusty Lips! (new)

An old brothel near Mistletarn was notorious for its deviance. One day, brave adventurers discovered that the place harbored an even darker secret than they imagined, and burnt it all to the ground! Yet locals still claim they can hear cries of delight in the night...

Appropriate for characters level 6-9.

(new) Added the Arcane Well! (new)

On the edge of the Old Elven Court, among the cliffs near Wyvern Crossing, stands an ancient magical complex that gathers arcane energy from some unknown source below. The complex's guardians have been seized by a powerful villain and his cabal. What they intend to use this energy for is anyone's guess.

Appropriate for characters level 10-13.

Note: As with any new dungeon content, these may require an adjustment or two. Please report any bugs you find, and remember that DMs are not allowed to reimburse you if you die to an overtuned encounter. Early explorers do so at their own risk.

* Untangled the language system to fix some very old bugs. Due to the amount of surgery, I know I've created some new ones. Please report them on the forum when you find them (translated text repeating is already a known issue) so I can stamp out whatever's left.

* The tailoring models now go up to 11 9.

* New characters and characters previously bound to The Watchful Eye will now start at the Flophouse for a proper Essembran welcome, until they bind somewhere else.

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