[Player Event] Investigating the Essembrean Guild Of Alchemists [ATN: DM Arch]

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After the news that Melsany Trinder murdered Lord Illmeth, Clandery contacts friends and those with an objective point of view to help him, a member of the guild to investigate the guild from inside out before others start to meddle with the guild.

  • Clandery (Kwabber GMT+2)
  • Hedia (Embra EDT)
  • Shea (Lucid EDT)
  • Rosemary (Silvery GMT+2)
  • ...

Saturday 2018-07-28
  • GMT+2 - 10:30PM
  • EDT - 4:30PM
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 :)  I'll let you get people together IC and we can figure out when. Today may be possible, else I'm happy to take care of you guys one evening this week!
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All weekdays are possible for me (this week).
Timeslot from 8PM to 12PM GMT+2. In UTC that would be 6PM to 10PM. Possible to shift one or two hours later.

Clandery has been speaking to a few characters already in game but in my mind there can also be referrals and the like if you want to participate.



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I am eastern US time. I can make 4pm or later my time.. that should be 9-10 pm euro if not too late ... or weekends.

Since her notions of Goodness are unwelcome among the Lordless Men, Shea has climbed aboard this bandwagon and will at least provide protection for those who meddle, though her observations may be helpful as well.

My times are US Eastern evenings as early as 5 PM or 2100 UTC and weekends. I also have freedom on Friday afternoons after about 1900 UTC. However I am not here during that whole range, I have RL to attend to, so scheduled times work far better for me than just waiting for me to be around.
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