The Long Night & The War-Chancellor is DEAD

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The Long Night & The War-Chancellor is DEAD
« on: July 22, 2018, 12:08:01 AM »
On the 20th day of Flamerule, a darkness most unnatural fell over the town of Essembra! Commoners stared aghast in Essembra's streets, horses whickered and animals cried, people rushed to their windows and began to wail that these are the endtimes - for the sun was gone and the moon was invisible within the blanket of darkness.

The eerie long-night hung over Essembra until the 'day' was done, for the next night the moon returned to view and the new dawn greeted the town... though the light was wan and sickly, and did little to lift the mood of the populace. It is heard that nowhere else in the dales suffered such a happening - only Essembra.

Word travels quickly across Cormanthor. Even before the Long Night is over, horsemen are dispatched to the hamlets and other dales. Few windows are left open in Essembra, few doors stand ajar, and yet all seem to know: Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade, last of his name, is dead.

Essembra's Peacemarshal Fiosane lets it be known that Melsany Trinder, a Sharran agent, is now wanted for regicide; the murder of Lord Ilmeth. A reward is currently being assembled by the great and good of Essembra in order to bring the criminal to justice!

Meanwhile, questions are being asked about who is going to keep Essembra running? Who will pay the Lord's Men now there is no Lord in charge of Essembra's coffers? And who will take over rule of the dale from dead Lord Ilmeth - he who ruled without an heir for so many years?

Peacemarshal Fiosane has done her part to quell such talk by insisting that for the time being she will continue to manage the treasury - even without a lord - to keep the Lord's Men paid. Members of the Lord's Men are still expected to report to their company commanders as normal, and to do their part as necessary during this crisis.
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"Just like old times. Well, except for the torture and all."