Update 10 Jul 2018 (v05p12)

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Update 10 Jul 2018 (v05p12)
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:05:37 AM »
Currently live on the server. Notable changes:

* Added two new areas east of Essembra's South Fields.

* Speaking of which, the Thousand Grins Tribe have packed up their poo, rounded up their worgs, and moved to the Tangled Vale east of South Fields!

* Most traps now give a small amount of XP when disabled.

* Added a new command, !togglewalk which... toggles whether you're forced to walk or not.

* Fixed the infamous Mistledale Twist, which had many areas in northern & western Mistledale rotated 90 degrees.

* Rhannon has learned how to identify items.

* Fixed some assassin spells.

* Adjusted how bounty CR is calculated, generally marking them as tougher.

* Lightened the translated language color for easier reading.

* New loot!
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