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Character Guidelines
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:34:35 PM »
  • Multiclassing
  • Character Age
  • Character Appearance
  • Canon Factions, Nobility & Royalty
  • Clerics
  • Druids & Rangers
  • Monks
  • Paladins


You may take only 1 prestige class.

Certain multiclass combinations require that you spend at least 3 levels in each class:

  • Bard/Blackguard
  • Monk/Any
  • Sorcerer/Blackguard
  • Sorcerer/Paladin
  • Shadowdancer/Any

If you fail to meet the above requirement by the point of reaching level 10 (for base classes) or level 15 (for prestige classes) you may be deleveled.

The following combinations are not permitted at all.
  • Bard/Sorcerer
  • Bard/Wizard
  • Paladin/Blackguard
  • Monk/Druid

Finally, remember that we are a roleplay server; a basic expectation is that you combine classes in a way appropriate to your character's story, and incorporate their theme or flavor into your roleplay.

Character Age

Characters must be, at minimum, adult age for their (sub)race. When in doubt, use the default age or refer to the age tables on our wiki: Human, Half-elf, Half-orc, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome

Character Appearance

Characters must be of an appropriate appearance (colors, size, head model etc.) for their race.

Wings*, tails, glowing eyes, and monstrous head models are not permitted for our current playable races

(* excluding Dragon Disciples, once they reach appropriate level)

Canon Factions, Nobility, & Royalty

Characters may start as members of any canon faction. No prior approval is necessary. See our wiki for a list of factions relevant to the area. Please choose a rank (where applicable) appropriate for a new character of limited experience and resources.

Characters may be of noble lineage. No prior approval is necessary. Like canon factions, this confers no in-game benefit.

Characters may not be members of past or present Royal families of the realms. This includes the Moonflowers, Irithyls, and Obarskyrs, etc.

Cleric Domains

Clerics must worship a Forgotten Realms deity as their patron deity, and be of appropriate alignment for their deity's worship.

Clerics must have appropriate domains for their patron deity's faith. Refer to the wiki for Domains per deity.

If any two of a deity's domains exist on Cormanthor, the cleric must use both.

Where only one appropriate domain, or none, currently exist, clerics should choose something thematically similar. In this case, clerics will be expected to switch domains when/if appropriate domains are added in the future.

Druids & Rangers

Druids must worship a designated 'nature deity'. Refer to the wiki for a list of Nature deities.

Druids take a sacred oath to eschew metal armour. For gameplay reasons we do not currently enforce this restriction, but please incorporate it into the look of your character and your roleplay.

Rangers may worship and be granted spells by any deity - there is no 'nature only' restriction.

Monks & Monk Orders

Monks do not have to choose a patron deity (though most do), however, they must belong to a monk order as long as they continue to take monk levels.

Monks are encouraged to choose a named monk order from FR canon. Refer to the wiki for a list of some canon Monk orders. If your monk character belongs to a different monastic group, you should at least name it and consider its relation to the canon groups.

Paladins & Paladin Orders

Paladins must worship a Forgotten Realms deity who sponsors paladins. These are usually Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or Neutral Good, with the exception of Sune (Chaotic Good), who also canonically sponsors Paladins. (Note: In FR, Corellon Larethian does not sponsor paladins.)

Paladins are encouraged to belong to a named paladin order from FR canon. Refer to the wiki for a list Paladin orders. If your paladin character belongs to a different order, you should at least name it and consider its relation to the canon orders of their deity and others.
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