Update 16 Jun 2018 (v05p10)

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Update 16 Jun 2018 (v05p10)
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:39:44 PM »
Currently live on the server. Notable changes:

* The great summer deluge of 2018 has ended; sunny skies are ahead.

* Improved Invisibility now lasts 3 rounds per level. Each three round tick reapplies invisibility until the spell ends.

* Weapon Buffs no longer stack with each other. For example, casting Magic Weapon and then Flame Weapon will remove the Magic Weapon.

* Flame Weapon and Darkfire now stack with existing damage bonuses on weapons; however, note that two instances of fire damage don't stack with each other.

* It's dangerous to go alone! Numerous creature & bounty changes mean you'll want to be careful when exploring.

* Numerous new tools for DM use.

* New loot!
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