Update to the XP System

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Update to the XP System
« on: June 08, 2018, 09:44:46 AM »
Bit of a significant update here: we're re-evaluating systems from old Cormanthor given our current staffing.

The Combat XP Cap is Being Raised

One of the changes we made in the process of migration to EE was to change where the 'Achievement XP' requirement kicks in to level 7. We've been monitoring how it's been working over the last month and I've come to a decision that with our current server population and available DM cover, it's not going to be sustainable unless something changes.

To that end, you can now achieve up to level 12 through combat XP.

Why 12? This is our current top level of dungeon content. As ever we'll monitor how things go from there.

We don't particularly advise trying to rush to this point - Cormanthor has always been more about the journey rather than the destination. PCs who take the time and effort to become involved in the world will reap more rewards than those who simply dungeon their way to max level and then attempt to strong-arm their way to relevance. This philosophy is unchanged.

Remember that you don't have to be high level to make a difference! Many prominent NPCs in our world are no higher than level 7.

More Achievement XP

Please note that Achievement XP isn't going anywhere. It remains as a source of XP that isn't affected by our XP Shaping system, and for now is the only way to progress beyond level 12.

However, the cap change frees us up to be more generous with Achievement XP. We give Achievement XP for, well, achieving things: plot/quest participation, making a mark on our world, and suchlike.

ides mentioned before that we've been looking at offering other sources of Achievement XP. The first of these I'm going to roll out is rewards for character development posts in our Tales & Stories board. I'll be awarding the first batch of this at the end of June, for posts made this month. You can earn up to 500 xp each month this way.

Join the Build Team

We're always looking for more hands to join our build team to help us improve the module and add those higher level dungeons!

For more information go here and read this, or have a chat with @ides in Discord.
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