Update 14 May 2018 (v05p04)

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Update 14 May 2018 (v05p04)
« on: May 14, 2018, 05:53:33 PM »
Currently live on the server. Major changes include:

* The Great Forest Renaming. Spurred by the bounty system, I've renamed all areas previously prefixed as "Cormanthor -" in an attempt to make it more clear where you are in the great forests. "Rimwood", "Midwood", and "Starwood", when used, now reflect canon in that they refer primarily to how deep you are in the forest. The area previously known as "Starwood" has been rebranded to "Mosstrunks". Here's a good primer:

"the Mosstrunks" is a VERY thick tangle of very old trees (hence the name; there's lots of moss growing on their very thick trunks) just west of the Ghost Holds. It's where the forest grew so thickly it was more trouble tan it was worth for humans to carve farther west, so instead they cleared forest to north and south, lengthening the Ghost Holds and Battledale along a north-south axis

If anyone wants to help me capture this information in the wiki to help new players orient themselves, let me know. :)

* A plethora of small bounty system fixes.

* Healkits now cure disease & poison again.

* A new !stuck command was added. This is only for use if you actually get stuck in terrain and can't get out. Using this command like a quick-travel system will be noticed and will teleport your ass into contact with the admin hammer.

* Bind points were added to the Silver Tap & Green Door. Let me know if there's other places you'd like to bind to where you can't currently.

* New loot!
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