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Join the Build Team!
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:12:19 PM »
The Cormanthor build team is always looking for more people who want to improve our module!

Sometimes there's a misconception that we throw you into a laboratory until you come out with a completed dungeon, so I've compiled a list of some other tasks I'm almost always looking for a builder to work on:

Items: For loot, for DMs to use, for putting in shops, whatever. We have extensive item guidelines so you don't need to be a master of mechanics or the toolset, but you do need to be willing to dive into Forgotten Realms lore. The best items teach our players something new about the world they're playing in or inspire them to go searching for more.

Creatures: Balancing creatures for NWN is hard. It's not as simple as copying stats from the Monster Manual, especially at higher levels. Filling out our creature palette gives other builders and DMs a big boost.

Icons/Art: We have a lot of custom content and I'm adding more. While we re-use assets a lot, some things really need a unique icon and I can make whole lists for you to pick from.

Custom Content: Whether it's creating new classes, feats, and spells, or creating new tilesets and models, I'm happy to teach you or point you in the right direction.

Non-combat areas: Inns and merchant shops; guild houses for new, upstart factions; little point of interest caves that might get the occasional bounty spawn. It's time-consuming to make a well-decorated area, but can be extremely rewarding once you're good at it.

If any of this sounds like something you'd like to help us with, or if you want to be the next ShortRedandLoud, send me a PM or discord message!
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